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Global Kids Challenge LIVE Stream

Kids Challenge 2015

The 2016 IBA Global Kids Challenge is an unprecedented event, bringing together 12 different tunnels to show off their talented flyers.

41 young people, aged 6-16, are flying on their home turf and submitting their videos to be scored by nationally- and internationally-rated judges all around the world.  Not just another fun night at the tunnel, as big tunnel time prizes are up for grabs! Full event details can be found on the Competition page of the IBA website here.

Live Stream

IBA will feature the Live stream for each US location – here. Each tunnel will begin at 7pm Local Time, so tune in to the Live Stream, from 7pm-11pm EST. Participating US tunnels are shown in the list below, with the start time for each competition, and a list of entrants. Good luck to all competitors!


There are two events, Freestyle and 2-way FS. Each has an Intermediate and an Advanced class. The prizes will be tunnel time!

  • For FS, judging will be done live, by a qualified judge and scores & videos will be submitted to the IBA for ratification.
  • For Freestyle, judging will be done remotely by IBA approved judges Ron Miasnikov, Tamara Koyn, Chris Dixon, Melissa Lowe, Bryce, Mary Traub, Jami Pillasch
  • Results will be announced within 48 hours of the final teams finishing.

The video at the bottom of the page shows round 4 of FlashPoint, the winners of last year's Kids Challenge.

Videos of the top three teams can be found here

Kids Challenge tunnels & competitors



2way FS INT Double Dab

Freestyle INT Lachlan Azzopardi



2way FS INT Team 1

2way FS INT Team 2

2way FS INT Team 3

2way FS INT Team 4

2way FS INT Team 5

2way FS INT Team 6

Freestyle INT Kai Minejima-Lee

Freestyle INT Isabelle Koh



2way FS ADV Flashpoint

Freestyle ADV Coralie 


2way FS INT Air Devils 2

2way FS ADV Tunnel Vision Girls

2way FS ADV Matthew & Emma

Freestyle ADV Matthew Ortlieb

Freestyle IN`T Donovan Fenton

Freestyle INT Zachary Perry

Freestyle INT Morgan Fenton

USA – With LIVE Stream times

Westchester – 7pm EST

2way FS INT Wild Child

Dallas – 7:30 pm EST

Freestyle INT Grayson Ireland

2way FS INT Grayson & Hunter

Houston – 8pm EST

Freestyle ADV Daniel Wright

Naperville – 8 pm EST

Freestyle ADV Kayleigh Wittenburg

Freestyle ADV Noah Wittenburg

Freestyle ADV Jessica Dunn

Freestyle INT Kynan McCabe-Wild

Freestyle INT Gianna Keuer

Freestyle INT Isabella Tussing

2way FS ADV Kayleigh & Jessica

2way FS ADV Noah's Team

Austin – 8:30 pm EST

Freestyle INT Hannah Lewis

Denver – 9 pm EST

Freestyle INT Sydney Kennett

Freestyle ADV Kaitlyn Cummings

2way FS ADV Colorado Cruisers

2way FS INT Lance & Mikel

Sacramento – 10pm EST

2way FS INT Team Squared

Seattle – 10pm EST

Freestyle ADV Elijah Diamante

Freestyle INT Makenna Brown

Freestyle INT Kellan Brown

Freestyle INT Devin Brown

Freestyle INT Aleksandra Kovalevsky

Winning Team FlashPoint's Round 4, Kids Challenge 2015