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Head Down Carve Switches

Video #16 in IBA’s Dynamic Progression ‘how-to’ series, Head Down Carve Switches. Once you can carve Head Down comfortably, you will learn how to carve from one direction to another direction or from one visual to another, seamlessly.

Before learning to switch between carves you should have learned to both the In-face and Out-face carve, preferably in both directions. Switching between carves can easily make you unstable and disoriented so, you should have good balance and awareness in these orientations before trying to switch between them.

Learning Points

  • Your goal should be to learn the different ways to switch between out-face and in-face carving.
  • When performing the switches, aim to maintain control and manage your level in the tunnel.
  • As you gain some skill you should attempt to switch with some accuracy at specific points in the tunnel.

After you have tried it a few times, consider your technique…

  • Were you able to switch and stay stable?
  • Can you switch directions with accuracy?

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