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High Altitude Weekends by 'Kleef and Boogieman

Words by Alethia Austin

High Altitude Weekend Jumps
Smiles above Paracentrum Texel for High Altitude Weekend — Image by Kim van der Horst

Summertime: my favorite time of year, thanks to the generous amount of boogies Europe has to offer. With events like Hungary Heli Camp, Flanders B-boogie, Funshine Boogie, Airboss Hot Summer Boogie and so many more, it's difficult to know which to scribble onto the calendar and save the pretty skydiving pennies for…

High Altitude Weekends

Luckily, I chose to add the Kleef and Boogieman High Altitude Weekends (HAW) at Paracentrum Texel to the mix this year. The HAW offers three separate weekends over July, August and September with excellent coaches, cheap jump tickets to 15k, incredible views and a seriously fierce raffle each weekend. Each weekend is set on a different skill: July Track and trace; August Basic Freefly Skill Camp; and September's Floquentials. Coaches include Bill Shmitz, Joe Grealy, Johannes Bergfors, Inka Titto, Kim van de Horst, Wasabi members, Jan Klaver, Jorma Turkenburg, Rafael Schwaiger, Antonio Arias and more.

Groups are small, so it's easy to get the most out of the coaching. The hangar is large, the planes have a quick turnaround and manifesting feels easy and efficient.

Raffle and Party

Saturday nights are where the party kicks off with a raffle and lots of local beer. The past two weekends have delivered epic prizes from the sponsors of the event, including: UPT Vector 30% discounts, Bottrop tunnel time at Indoor Skydiving Bottrop and Indoor Skydive Rosendaal, Larsen & Brusgaard audible and visual altimeters, tons of clothing from skydive lines, Cookie G3 and Fuel discount vouchers, Boogieman suits, and much more.

Epic views above Texel at HAW
Small groups, great coaches and beautiful views.  — Image by Efraim Folgerts

 Last chance

There's one last HAW coming up on September 20-21, which still has a few slots available, and I suspect it'll be fit with lots of jumping, some great coaching and an epic final party. Check your calendar.

I hope this boogie happens again next year. It may be small but it packs a serious punch for serious skydivers.

For more info, check the High Altitude Weekends event page on Facebook or K-leef website

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