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How do you do your gear check?

And how often should you do it?

For the safety weekend of the USPA, I thought this would be relevant because I had a weird experience lately about my gear check.

Not long ago, I started a Youtube channel to share my passion of skydiving and help other skydivers to become better as I get better myself by sharing what I learn. I then decided to do a video on how to do a good gear check and shared it on The interesting thing is that I got a lot of feedbacks and comments telling me to shut down my video!!

It turned out that my own procedure to do a gear check was wrong as well as my gear setup. I gladly agreed on removing the video from my channel and updated my own way to do a gear check. What I realized is that when we get used to do things one way, we never challenge them or check out if there were any updates from the manufacturer since then. Although this is very important, I am sure other people are making similar mistakes.

This is why I decided to repost a video V2.0 on “How to do a good gear check”. This time, I made sure all my gear was on-point (thanks to the community) and even put disclaimers to check with a certified instructor or a rigger. Here is the video, so I hope this can help others get a “aha!” moment…

Thanks and do not hesitate to share to your skydiver friends!