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IBA Global Kids Challenge Announces Huge Prizes

The IBA is sponsoring HUGE Tunnel Time Prizes for all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

Entry is FREE to all tunnels, with 15 hours of tunnel time to win!

Kids Challenge 2015
Kids Challenge 2015
IBA Global Kids Challenge 2017
IBA Global Kids Challenge 2017


This is your opportunity to contribute to the future of our sport. We will not charge tunnels or flyers any registration fee. Tunnels are at liberty to charge your local flyers, but we will not ask for any contribution.


The event will be run concurrently at all participating wind tunnels all around the world on Wednesday, November 8th 2017.

Flyers can compete in either 2-way Formation Skydiving (Intermediate or Advanced) or Freestyle (Intermediate or Advanced) and each event will be judged by a virtual team of experts.


Junior Flyers of all skill levels, ages 6-16 years, can participate. Flyers are limited to one team per event.


Individual wind tunnels must register first, filling out this form with intent to participate. Once a tunnel is registered, an information packet is sent to the tunnel manager with information on event marketing and logistics. At a glance: the tunnel will be responsible for hosting the event, including: ensuring standard competition rules and practices are followed, and submitting the proper scores & top-down videos for FS teams, and side-view videos of Freestylists in a timely fashion. Remote Judges will review the scores & videos and determine the final standings which will be announced 48 hours after the last competition flight videos are received.

Once a wind tunnel is registered, their competitive juniors will register here.

Any questions? Contact Laura Wagner of the IBA at