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IBA Launches New Coach Rating System

“Interpersonal skills, building trust and confidence are some of the key building blocks to establishing an effective learning environment. Coaching is a discipline in itself that requires years of training and dedication.” -

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Fly with a rated IBA Coach
Fly with a rated IBA Coach

New Coaching System

As the sport of Indoor Skydiving continues to develop, the International Bodyflight Association (IBA) has upgraded the existing coach rating system into 3 new specialist ratings that promote higher quality, consistent learning and improved safety for flyers and coaches.

The new ratings will initially be available in iFLY tunnels in Europe from 1st October 2017 and available in iFLY tunnels in the USA and elsewhere soon after that date. Tunnel flyers with the appropriate level of expertise and training will be able to qualify as Formation Skydiving, Static Progression or Dynamic Progression coaches, and receive a formal qualification from the IBA.

Coaches with the new ratings will benefit in several ways including receiving a range of coaching materials specific to their chosen discipline. These include a generic coach education package that covers the fundamental principles of coaching Indoor Skydiving, separate coach manuals specific to each discipline, and detailed lesson plans to support effective delivery. Coaches will be free to promote their IBA qualifications and students will be satisfied to know that they are working with highly qualified, and rated individuals.

Current coaching professionals with previous experience will find this to be an extremely simple transition that supports and recognises their current position in the sport.

For those who aspire to become a coach, the new training curriculum is well structured and necessarily demanding. Consequently, the ratings may only be awarded by the most qualified of IBA Trainers, all of whom will have completed specific training to allow them to tutor coaches and to assess their performance. The existing IBA Coach rating will no longer be valid from 1st April 2018.

To find out how you can be part of this unique program and qualify as an IBA Coach, visit the IBA website or simply talk to the Lead Instructor at your tunnel who will take you through the IBA Coach Pathway. The implementation of this rating may vary from tunnel to tunnel, so you should check the transition times and any local procedures with the tunnel management.

by Lesley Gale
by Lesley Gale

About the Organization

The International Bodyflight Association (IBA) exists to promote the sport of Indoor Skydiving and to support an engaged membership of tunnel flyers and operators. The IBA provides world leading training to ensure that tunnel instructors all over the world operate as safely as possible and to the highest possible standards. It also recognizes the important role that competition has as a shop window to the sport and has supported Indoor Skydiving events for many years. This enthusiasm continues and in 2017 The IBA Indoor Skydiving Competition Series includes 3 venues in North America as well as an exciting Global Kids Challenge where the IBA has invited every tunnel in the world to participate in the support and encouragement of the next generation of flyers.

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