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Insane BASE by Andy Lewis

Andy Lewis jumps The Arch — by andy lewis
Andy Lewis jumps The Arch — by andy lewis

Videos of two uber cool BASE jumps by Andy Lewis…

1 The Arch jump

'The Arch' is just a bit wider than a canopy…

The cliff you exit off of is set back behind the Arch so that you actually open up inside of a group of walls! Even though you can't see your flight or landing area from the exit, it's fantastically visual, ultra committing, and you literally can't F**k your exit or bad things will assuredly happen (So David, take care :D).

you have to jump out far enough to clear the ledges, but not so far as to smoke your face and dome on the arch right entropy of you

Anything over a 45 off pretty much instantly means an intimate connection with a wall. The hardest part about this jump is that with a normal PCA you would impact the Arch with your canopy almost instantly. However the worst ledge of the jump is under the arch at ~32 meters (100') and prevents a handheld free fall of this exit. You can see me clear the ledge by 30' easily after inflation and clearing my toggles. There are also ledges at 14m (45') and 43m (145')… This essentially means you have to jump out far enough to clear the ledges, but not so far as to smoke your face and dome on the arch right entropy of you, but also have a long enough static line to delay your opening just enough to deploy and then inflate below the Arch.

Long story short, it's fairly technical, and horrendously scary and in your face. This jump was done with a Vision 265 Canopy from Atair Canopies, wing loaded ~.65, and maybe most importantly jumped with a 5-8mph down drafting wind. Richard and Matthew established the rope access to this arch which is the same as Well Done, and Fire Wall! The landing is just on the trail across the river from potash. Its roughly a 15 minute hike to the exit, with multiple options to exit the cliff, so its easy to hike down or jump something else if conditions arrant ideal. I would highly recommend being careful with this one as there is only a… Small window for error. ;D Enjoy– ZATHYRAX (uncut POV).

2, Morning Glory

The lowest controlled BASE jump ever?

This BASE jump off of Morning Glory Arch is what now is looking like the lowest controlled BASE jump ever!! Many other lower BASE jumps have been made using UNPACKED style BASE jumps like D-bags, as well as some similar height packed BASE jumps off of other objects without stand up landings. I have also jumped objects as low as 55ft, or 16.7 meters that have flyable terrain afterwards.