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Italian Wingsuit Record

Italian Wingsuit record - 16 — by James Boole
Italian Wingsuit record - 16 — by James Boole

In the last leg of the Barbazan Flock Tour 2016, that came alive in the Fred & Foxy Boogie at the BFU drop zone, the team members presented themselves with the aim of scoring the first FAI WS Formation Italian Record; the minimum of participants to be registered was 16. On Friday the athletes trained for the first time jumping from 2 available airplanes.

Italian Wingsuit record

On Saturday the 24th of September 2016 the first and new Italian Wingsuit record, a 16-element formation, was set at BFU in Reggio Emilia The event was organized by Team Barbazan Fly and supported by the presence of a champion like James Boole.

On the first attempt 2 selected women and 14 selected men became part of Italian’s Wingsuit history by tracing an indelible diamond in the sky.

by James Boole
by James Boole

Record Setters

Manuel Prescendi

Gabriele Sansi

Alessandro Di Giacomo

Sara Pacciardi

Davide Masi

Domenico Berti

Fabrizio Paciocco

Simone Zannerini

Alberto Tagliati

Gerardo Capezzera

Ivan Vahidi

Luca Micalizzi

Serena di Santo

Alessio spina

Antonio Marino

Piergiorgio Tomasello.

by James Boole
by James Boole

The Jump

The endeavor was completed by jumping from 2 Cessna Caravans, moving symbiotically at a height of 4,500 m, team members were perfectly positioned when they left the aircraft, it was super flying by the pilots. The declared formation was a diamond shape, where the key players had to fly at a 2 meters distance from each other in a predetermined position, flying at an horizontal speed of 160 km/h. After approximately 2 minutes of free fall at different altitudes (1800mt/1500mt), the group separated so that at 1000mt every athlete could securely open the parachute.


To validate the record the judges had to examine a video and choose the best picture which was then further analysed by overlapping an FAI-standardized grid where every single athlete had to be in the corresponding grid slot.

Italian Wingsuit record with judging grid - 16 — by James Boole
Italian Wingsuit record with judging grid - 16 — by James Boole

Second Record

The day after, on the 25/09/2016, the team, which was still very motivated improved their record by placing a team of 17 athletes. Marco Conti and Marco Bellio also became record holders (Fabrizio Paciocco was not on the second record)

Italian Wingsuit record (17) judged with grid — by James Boole
Italian Wingsuit record (17) judged with grid — by James Boole

James Boole and Marco Arcangeli filmed and took pictures of the whole event.


All the Italian skydivers celebrated these records with great enthusiasm, making this Boogie Reggiano a memorable weekend that will go down in Wingsuit and Italian Parachuting history.

Thanks to our sponsors of the event: Bertrand Adrenaline, Intrudair, Base Store & Barbazan Fly.