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MAFIA LATINA wins Texxas 20 way Competition

Mafia Latina win first place at TeXXas 20-way comp
Mafia Latina win first place at TeXXas 20-way comp

Mafia Latina are a group of 35+ experience RW skydivers from Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, El Salvador, Mexico and USA that got together for the Empuria Brava 16 way Cup in 2012.
We have done a few camps in different countries and Continents until we decide to go play at Spaceland for the 20 way meet.

There were six teams composed of talented and well known skydivers that kept the competition challenged to the last jump.

As a Captain it is hard to get everyone together at the same time and place, so we keep rotating the roaster and our biggest goal is to have a good time among friends while performing great skydives, extending our friendship and skills throughout Latin America as we bring back home such great experiences.

We all enjoyed the 20 way TeXXas Competition, good vibes, hospitality and friendship and our hat goes off for the Skydive Spaceland staff and event organizers.

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