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Music is in the air … indoor sky dancing is born

Flying inside the tunnel with music
Flying inside the tunnel with music

At the beginning of 2013, I was really searching for what I wanted to do in life I reflected on who I am, what I had done before in my life … and I kept coming back to skydiving and figure skating. I had heard about NeoFreestyle indoor skydiving, and this word “NEO” attracted my attention. What's new with the freestyle ?

I found out that the NeoFreestyle rules are very similar to figure skating: technical, free and artistic. I really like these 3 elements, BUT something was missing for me: the MUSIC. For me, an artistic discipline makes no sense without it. Many people I talked to share this point of view, but no one had figured out how to do it.

Dancing to music

To fly and dance inside the wind tunnel while hearing music is now possible. On March 23, 2014, at the 2nd Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championships at SkyVenture Montreal, a new chapter in the sport was written. I could hear the music while flying and the spectators could hear it too. This has never been done before in a skydiving competition and my hope is that this will give the indoor skydiving artistic disciplines a new tool to take the sport (and potentially the show business industry) to the next level.

My hope is that this will give the indoor skydiving artistic disciplines a new tool to take the sport (and potentially the show business industry) to the next level.

Music gives you wings

For those who like to dance, fly and be creative, music gives you bigger wings. And when you dance with a partner, you will both experience just an amazing new feeling. This “sky dancing” with music adds new degrees of difficulty and sophistication. It is like a big puzzle to coordinate the moves, the speed and the music to create an uplifting, emotional effect on the audience. The music gives shape and context to moves that are fluid, elegant and beautiful (which hopefully will attract more girls to the sport) and it also reinforces the expression of moves based on power, speed and precision.


I have less than one year of training, so I had to find music that suited my level of expertise (not too fast) and that could be edited nicely, while still inspiring me. This video is a VERY short taste of what is possible: the only limit is your imagination. With only 3 routines lasting 45 seconds each, there wasn't much time to perform. Because it was the first time with music, I wanted to keep the element of surprise for the judges and spectators.

How could I hear the music inside the tunnel at the same time the spectators, and despite all the noise from the wind turbines? I will explain this part soon on the site: Indoor Skydancing

So what do you think? Could this revolutionize the sport? A new discipline? Please comment below…

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