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Neutral Belly Fly

by Lesley Gale
by Lesley Gale


The belly-flying neutral body position is the first position you’ll learn as your introduction into the world of body flying. The primary objective is to be able to safely and successfully demonstrate a neutral belly-fly position, while staying in the center of tunnel. You’ll need to be comfortable in this position before you learn how to maneuver yourself around the tunnel (learning to turn left and right, and flying up and down).

Learning Points

Basic Position

  • Your body should aim to generally be in an arched shape with your head raised and your eyes looking forward
  • Your hips should be positioned so that they are lower than your shoulders and knees
  • Aim for a symmetrical position with your arms bent at approximately 90º
  • Keep your knees shoulder width apart with your toes pointed

Advanced Position

  • Often referred to as the “mantis” position
  • Most of the basic position key points are the same with an arched shape, hips low
  • Arms will be more elbows low, slightly below the shoulders and hands/wrists close together and slightly raised
  • Chest will be more upright to reduce any lift provided by a different arm position

Download the full lesson plan with photos here

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