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Never Give Up

Words by Philip Hoang

malfunction - wrap canopies main reserve
Image by Phillip Hoang

Never give up!

This skydiver had a double malfunction after a suspension line got caught on a tab, on the closing loop tab, causing the main to inflate and immediately go into a dive. When he cut away, his main risers disconnected but the suspension line had became too tight around the tab leaving the main trailing behind. You see the result in this video below (don't worry, he's okay!)

Line caught around closing tab, so main canopy did not release properly when cut away — Image by Phillip Hoang

He did not have a hook knife. RSL was in use.

Sun Path issued a type of warning for these containers. This was a known issue in the early 2000s that has now been addressed. He got lucky. Late 90s Javelin owners: please make sure your gear has been made airworthy.

Jump number: 108.

Container: Sunpath Javelin J1

Main: Stiletto 135

Reserve: Microraven 150

Note, it can be worth working into your emergency procedures to make sure your main is clear with a quick visual check before pulling your reserve handle (altitude permitting).


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