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Not a Wingsuit video!!|

Tracking suits are the new wingsuits

Not a Wingsuit video!!

by Josh Nicholls

No wingsuits were involved in the filming of this video! Josh is only using a two piece tracking suit!

All flights with Phoenix Fly 2 piece tracking suit

“I have wanted to return to Norway since I last visited 6 years ago. It was a beautiful as I remembered. This is a video of adventures there and some flights in Italy. Although I feel a strong sense of control, if I am honest with myself I know that this style of flying is finite… and now I am ready for new learning and new adventures with another 'craft'.

So much more to learn and explore. Many thanks to Shane Dunn for the hospitality and sharing knowledge. Also to the VKB for being so welcoming…and for all the Karsk!“

Josh Nicholls