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Paradise in Portugal

Paradise in Portugal combines learning with a holiday experience — by Karl Heinz Woytech
Paradise in Portugal combines learning with a holiday experience — by Karl Heinz Woytech

Paradise is back!

Skydive Algarve and ToraTora set out to mix fun and progression. Create an event combining the boogie party feeling at a beautiful beach location with high intensity coaching in very small groups.

The ‘Paradise in Portugal’ camp includes 30 jumps and all participants are divided over groups of 4 flyers based on experience and interest. Every group then gets a dedicated coach that will work hard to push your personal level as far as possible. Coaches switch groups every 2-3 days. If you’re learning new positions and techniques (head down, head up etc) with 1-on-1 coaching, you’ll do at least 8 coached jumps. If you can already fly those positions and get to jump in 3-way or 4-way groups, you’ll do many more! The jumps that aren’t coached are spent flying with your group-buddies.

This camp is for all levels, whether you just come out of AFF or already have thousands of jumps, they promise to ‘find a coach that can teach you something new’

Skydive Algarve has moved the date a couple of weeks forward this year, to avoid the Portuguese autumn. The beaches at Algarve have to be seen to be believed, with miles of stunning cliff beauty framing golden sandy beaches.


Efraïm Folgerts

Jasper van der Meer

Johannes Bergfors

Kim Törnwall

Marie Sjödin

Martijn van Dam

René Terstegen

Rob Heron

Scott Plamer

Yvonne Wiggers

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