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Paradise Portugal 2017

Skills Camp for Pleasure Seekers

by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Jasper van der Meer</a>
by Jasper van der Meer

For the past two years, ToraTora's skills camp, Paradise Portugal, has landed at Skydive Algarve in Portugal for a week of high level coaching. The event is a supercharged week of coaching in groups of 4 jumpers to 1 coach, meant to give skydivers new and experienced an opportunity to power up their levels, grow as skydivers, make new friends, and enjoy a week of intense jumping and ToraTora style evenings. We had a quick chat with some of the coaches expected at this year's skills camp in October…

Marie Sjodin&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by koby dovraz
Marie Sjodin — by koby dovraz


Why attend a skills camp? Skills camps are focusing on small groups which is much safer and the coach can focus way more on each person in the jump. You will get more out of the jumps, briefs, de-briefs.. That means you becoming a better and skydiver in less time!

What makes the location so cool? First of all Skydive Algarve is an awesome dropzone, fast planes and one of the best organized drop zones in the world. This together with Paradise Portugal's own general Mr. Van Der Meer with crew, creates this amazing genuine event where the students are the centre of attention becoming a better skydiver. And to spice it up between jumping, incredible food and wine you get the opportunity to jump onto this insanely beautiful beach!

you get the opportunity to jump onto this insanely beautiful beach!

Do you really pay for Kim Tornwall's bills? I actually pay for Kim Törwalls phonebills every month.. so thats also one my reasons to go there so I can make an effort to get some back.. He will pay for my dinner at Don Toro every evening.

What's the best way to get the most out of your coach at Paradise Portugal? ASK QUESTIONS! There´s nothing such as bad ones. When you doubt about something this will be shown in the jump, it can be dangerous and it will also take your focus away from having a good time. Listen and visualize the information you get. Be prepared, sleep and eat enough and don´t be hung over. Get in time at all meeting points, not only for you but also for the sake of your group.

by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Jasper van der Meer</a>
by Jasper van der Meer
Kim Tornwall
Kim Tornwall


of Kim Tornwall Enterprises

What make skills camps awesome? During a skills camp the coach will be with you through the day and you will be flying with the same group. This makes proper briefs and de-briefs possible. You will do more, learn more and have more fun.

Why ToraTora events? For the last few years I have been following Tora Tora like a shark follows a boat. On every single event Jasper has impressed me. Tora Tora events are not only a skills camp they are full on experiences.

For the last few years I have been following Tora Tora like a shark follows a boat.

Why Skydive Algarve? Dorniers, Dorniers, Dorniers. Not to mention all the cool stuff close to the DZ, Restaurants, clubs, beach etc.

Any last words? Come to the event with an open mind and a good attitude and don´t forget to demand to get in Kim Törnwall´s group. That guy is AMAZING!

paradise portugal&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Jasper van der Meer</a>
paradise portugal — by Jasper van der Meer
Efraim Folgerts
Efraim Folgerts

Efraim Folgerts


What's the benefit of going to a skills camp?

Skills camps like these have a low participants to coach ratio. 4 to 1 to be exact. You will have 3 other flyers of your own level. This way you can work on your personal skills but also work on the group skills. Next to this you always have the choice at Paradise Portugal to choose to have 1 on 1's or 1 on 2 if you want. Bottom line is that your skills will get a huge boost during this week

How do you get on your coach's good side? Give him beer at the end of the day

Why is Skydive Algarve a good spot for this event? Skydive Algarve is the perfect location to have a good skydive event in combination with good (ocean side) restaurants, bars, cool view, perfect accommodations, fast planes and friendly staff. And ToraTora is organizing it, so parties are always wild!!!!

Paradise Portugal participants, 2016
Paradise Portugal participants, 2016
Yvonne Wiggers
Yvonne Wiggers


City Skydive & Paracentrum Teuge

What value is there in a skills camp like Paradise? Skills camps like Paradise Portugal are great places for people who want to get the most out of their jumps and aim to be a better skydiver. Not only will dedicated coaching help you reach your personal goals faster, flying in a group of equally motivated flyers teaches you to work together as a team throughout the whole skydive.

What makes Paradise Portugal so unique/valuable? As a skills camp Paradise Portugal really sets itself apart by adding a personal touch to the coaching. Groups are very small which means you get to fly with people who share your ambitions and get lots of individual attention from your coach on every single jump. Together with your coach you set the pace of your skydiving day to a comfortable and effective rhythm. So you can either push hard and get a lot of practice, or take some time to (de-)brief through technical moves, all depending on the jumps you do.

the camp does not end when skydiving stops

You stay with the same coach for more than just a few jumps to gradually go through all the steps of improving your flying before moving on to a different coach/approach. Another thing I personally love about Paradise Portugal is that the camp does not end when skydiving stops. Together we enjoy all of the beauty that Algarve has to offer. We stay at the same hotel, have dinner and drinks together at night, swim in the pool and relax in the sauna. The paradise-like hidden beaches between the rocks make for a great little getaway place to give your mind and body some rest. … And you will need that rest, because ToraTora know how to party ;).