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PD FT - Part 4: Inspire

Sharing our Dream of Flight

Sharing Our Dream

In this episode, the team takes a look at their favorite mountain flying expeditions - get a front row seat for this insane eye candy ride through the valleys of Norway, the Dolomites, the Alps, and even the Grand Canyon.

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Part 1: The Making of a Dream

Covering the history of CP, with lots of vintage footage – from the days of Fast Accuracy through Pond Swooping, Blade-running, 2-way, the Pro Swoop Tour, Freestyle and more.

Part 2: Believe in the Impossible

PDFT's goal was to have a podium sweep at every meet and for a very long time they did. Episode 2 covers the birth and evolution of xRW. Dangers. Flying with Zoltan acrobatic plane over Dubai. Project Orange. Believing in the impossible and making it happen.

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Achieve - Be the Best through Teamwork

In this episode, the team shares how they could be a team in a predominantly individual sport, team flying, demo & exhibition jumps and stunt work.