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Phoenix-Fly: N4S Project Blue Sky

Need for Speed: 'Project Blue Sky' gathered 8 highly skilled wingsuit pilots in Fermo (Italy) to showcase high quality formation flying, organised by Phoenix-Fly, one of the world's leading wingsuit manufacturers. Wingsuit pilots came from all over the world, representing Australia, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, Spain and the USA. The selected wingsuit pilots are not sponsored full-time jumpers with 20,000 jumps, but all 'normal' skydivers with around 500 - 1000 wingsuit jumps, who invested heart and soul into their hobby.

The jumps were all filmed with a professional DSLR camera by Jarno Cordia from the Netherlands.

The team flew Phoenix-Fly Havok wingsuits for the precision and high power during acrobatics and backflying. Camerawork was done using a Phoenix-Fly Hunter, a large surface wingsuit capable of acrobatics, with a huge range in power on the formations to get the right shots.

For licencing footage and media enquiries, contact:

Jarno Cordia

Robert Pecnik

Romain Bignon
Yorick Bleijenberg
Aash Darby
Joaquin Forero
Andreea Olea
Scott Paterson
Benoit Syben
Sami Sucksdorff