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Please Ratify our Record!

42-way diamond world wingsuit record, 18 June 2015, over Moorsele, Flanders — by Willy Boeykens
42-way diamond world wingsuit record, 18 June 2015, over Moorsele, Flanders — by Willy Boeykens

The following letter has just been sent to the FAI, the international governing body for all air sports. It is a year since the first official FAI wingsuit record was set, but the paperwork to make this achievement official is still 'under review'. Surely after 12 months, isn't it about time the athletes received recognition for their achievements?!

Dear FAI

On 17 June 2015, a group of first 33 wingsuiters set a new (and first) World Record Wingsuit formation, no grip. The day after the record was broken again with a nice 42 way. Both jumps were judged and approved by FAI judges.

The preliminary request towards FAI was done the week after the records and on 27 August 2015, all documents were transferred to FAI Sports Commissions.
Since then “FAI record ID 17572” (33 way) and “FAI record ID 17573” (42 way) are listed as “dossier under review” at the FAI/IPC record website [here]( website). (This together with many other established records which are still “on hold”).

All participants had to get an FAI license. Most of them had to pay for this to their federation. Most of participants spend a lot of money just to travel to the event.
The organizers invested to have official judges.

Willy Boeykens — by Norman Kent
Willy Boeykens — by Norman Kent

Today when I write this open letter we are less than a week away from the 1st anniversary of this world record, and still we don’t have an official recognition from FAI. I believe all participants have the right to get their record approved in a shorter time than 1 year. As a comparison, 2 weeks after the latest world record attempts Wingsuit formation no grip in Perris California (October 2016), all participants received their official statement as National Record Holders by USPA. If USPA can do this in 2 weeks, FAI should be able to do this in 1 or 2 months, no?

Blue ones
Willy Boeykens
(Organizer of the world record attempts, Moorsele June 2015)