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Quick Release Schier Clamp

Schier concepts quick release Schier clamp.&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Mikey Carpenter</a>
Schier concepts quick release Schier clamp. — by Mikey Carpenter

This is one of those little things that seem so obvious you could be forgiven for kicking yourself for not having come up with idea first!!! Of course! A quick release for your Go Pro!

None of us can deny we have at one time or another been caught grumbling about having to manually tighten or loosen that annoying Go Pro thumb screw, especially for those of us that need to tilt down the Go Pro to get it out of its case after each jump! You would have thought it would occur to at least one of us to come up with a simple little quick release. Well as it turns out it did, nice one Daniel Schiermeyer, freeflyer and the brains behind this little time-saver.

It basically works the same as a quick release seat pole or wheel clamp on a bicycle, easy to adjust and easy to loosen and tighten. Most importantly (for us skydivers) it comes in a variety of colours and finishes, and looks proper Gucci!

How about the potential of line snag? Rather than protrude like the Go Pro Thumb screw it wraps around the front of the Go Pro when it is in its locked position. As we know there is no Go Pro accessory that is 100% snag proof: WARNING any type of camera or accessory can cause major issues resulting in death! But the Scheir clamp combines awesome function, looks and safety, it’s one of those small things that makes a massive difference, double thumbs-up!

FFI, visit the Schier Concepts website here

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