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Rachael's Dodgy Gear: The Answers!

by Timothy Parrant
by Timothy Parrant
by Lesley Gale
by Lesley Gale

Gear Check – The Answers

Yesterday we published a photo of Rachael, 50 jumps, asking for a gear check – here. There were 13 issues, arguably 14… did you get them all?…

13 Mistakes

From top to bottom…

  • No goggles
  • On her left side loop is going through the middle 3 ring
  • Left side, the yellow cable is not connected
  • Her right side the RSL is going under the cutaway housing and then connected
  • The altimeter is on the wrong arm
  • Alti is not turned on
  • Alti is upside down
  • The helmet has cameras and she has only 50 jumps
  • Chest strap is routed wrongly at the buckle
  • Chest strap is wrapped around the harness covering the reserve handle
  • T-shirt isn’t tucked into her pants or secured by a bungee
  • On her left side the leg strap excess is hanging out
  • Left side leg strap is routed wrongly…

…and, 14… you could say to not jump with those ear rings!