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Rhythm: 2-way dives

SDC Rhythm's series of 2-way drill dives for honing skills, working on basics of bodyflight. They can be performed in the tunnel or in freefall. All the moves (turns, side-slides, fall rate, etc) are demoed in the previous article, How to Fly Your Body. 2-way star and sidebody exits are explained at the bottom of the page. Go skydive!

Jump 1: Star, Star

Building a 2-way star, focussing on levels, and stopping perfectly in position before picking up grips. One person can lead, the other following.

Jump 2: Open, Open, Sidebody, Sidebody

Building open accordians and sidebodies. Creeping the dive. Parallel and 90 degree angles. Sitting base.

Jump 3: Around the World

Flying around your partner, building square open accordians and phalanxes, then swapping roles. Walking the dive slowly. Seeing yourself performing perfectly.

Jump 4: Star 360 Star

Right and left 360s, taking smooth grips on your partner. start, coast, stop. Eye contact, headswitches and references. Sidebody and cat pictures through the 360.

Jump 5: 1/2 Star Sideslide

Building a bipole and half star with your partner, side-sliding between the points, staying perpendicular with your spine straight. Start, coast, stop. Using legs and arms correctly.

Jump 6: Sidebody, Sidebody, Cat, Cat, Compress, Compress

Building sidebodies, compressed accordians close and parallel, in line with your partner. Stopping before taking grips. Remembering the dive flow.

2way Exits

1. Star

Floater and diver positions. Taking grips, giving the count, synching the timing. Leaving at a 45° angle. Strong presentation to the relative wind.

2. Sidebody

Floater and diver positions. Communication through the count. Keep flying the launch even if it's not perfect. Visualize yourself flying the exit perfectly.

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