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Rhythm How-to: FLY your BODY

Bodyflight Basics, broken down into every element by SDC Rhythm:

1. Neutral

JaNette describes the neutral FS body position, the building block for all other moves. Master a good, symmetrical, head-high position and everything else is easy from here.

2. Up/Down

JaNette explains and demos how to use the arms, head, legs, hips, butt and gut to change fall rate.

3. Forwards/Backwards

Moving forwards and backwards, always keeping the arms in front. JaNette explains how to use arms and legs for optimal effect, and the principle of Start - Coast - Stop, which applies to virtually every freefall move.

4. Sideslides

Using input from all limbs, and remembering Start- Coast- Stop - Neutral, demoed and explained by JaNette.

5. Turns 1: Mechanics

JaNette describes how to turn on center. Creating a balanced input with arms and legs – just like sideslides but with opposite limbs.

6. Turns 2: Pictures

Steve describes and Christy demos how to turn on center using the proper references. Defining checkpoints and headswitch through the turn to confirm we're on track to complete our move in place.

7. Tunnel Drill

JaNette describes a simple 2-way drill for practicing sideslides and turns. Building a half-star and half-bipole picture, focussing on good stops and 90 degree angles.

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