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Rhythm: Landing Patterns

Three videos combined for all you need to know from opening to landing…

1: Basic safety

Basic safety and getting to the holding area

Rhythm covers the basics of canopy safety and issues to consider when flying under canopy from opening to your holding area. Points to note before you even get in the plane. Avoiding canopy collisions.

2. Adjustments

Making adjustments to the pattern

How to make adjustments within the pattern. Brake settings, control inputs, making entry points and cutting corners where needed. Always prioritize altitude over desired landing point. Inputs to avoid when in the pattern.

3. Changing the pattern

Changing the pattern in the sky

Changes you might make to your pattern when you realize your original plan won't work. Ways to enter the pattern. Making a new plan. Shortening your pattern in a way that will not conflict with canopy traffic. Avoiding collisions in the landing area. Landing priorities.

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