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Ross Lost 70 lbs to skydive!

Ross used to weigh 5 stone more! He was inspired by his Mum and wife, who took up his bet and agreed to jump with him if he reached his goal weight. Nice one mate!

“This was a special tandem story, as Ross had been waiting 12 years to make his skydive. Ross decided to take hold of his health and started the journey to losing over 30 kilos. One day, Ross's wife and mother told him they'd skydive with him if he lost the weight he'd been aiming to lose. That was a promise neither were certain they'd have to live up to. Ross focused intently on not only losing weight, but on gaining a new healthy lifestyle. Before long, Ross reached his goal. Skydive Hibaldstow heard about his desire to skydive and his journey to a healthier life and invited him and his family out to skydive.“

Skydive Hibaldstow