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Satori Factory Invitational

Fun, filmmaking, flying and art — by Fabian Equey
Fun, filmmaking, flying and art — by Fabian Equey

Alex Aimard, doing the dirty work! — by fabian equey
Alex Aimard, doing the dirty work! — by fabian equey

Alex Aimard Explains the Concept…

“As a filmmaker and skydiver, I always dreamed to have the opportunity to gather a few of my friends – just for the sake of sharing our passion for flying and making videos without any creative limitation such as having to satisfy a client. So when Bodyflight Stockholm asked me if I wanted to organize an event to feature their tunnel, it was a no brainer… I invited four teams who had 4 days to create 4 videos, maximum 4 minutes in a radius of 150Km around Bodyflight Stockholm facilities. This was not a competition but a creative workshop… we were all winning just by taking part. We also planned daily live feed with Shayni Couch and Petter Mazzetta and Fabian Equey to shoot stills. I couldn't be more proud of what all these guys delivered.

Offer – 5 Hours Tunnel!

“In celebration of this project, Satori Factory and Bodyflight Stockholm are running a giveaway where anyone can win 5 hours of tunnel time. There is nothing special to do, just click here before 12 August and you're in !!“

Skydive Mag interviewed each team about their creations, which you can watch below.…


 PORIPABAJO — by Fabian Equey
PORIPABAJO — by Fabian Equey

Team: Claudio Cagnasso, Antonio Aria, Richard Scheurich (interviewee)

How did you feel to be invited? SUPER STOKED! To be honest we kind of realized how serious the event was when we were sitting in the first meeting with everyone.

How did you come up with your idea? We didn’t have an idea of how the film was gonna look like at the beginning, we just had awesome plans to have fun and film them. That’s what the video ended up being, FUN AND FUN. It describes the kind of people and attitude we have.

What did you learn? That with the right people and the energy to create, you can achieve anything. Also I learned that having two extra hard drives is not enough! ;-)

Anything to add? Lauri cannot just destroy everyone like that with that sick-ass production! Hahahaha, well done bro!

Richard Scheurich

Satori Factory Opinion – PORIPABAJO:
“The good vibes of Richie Scheurich, Caudio Cagnasso, and Antonio Aria: This one brought a smile on my face from the first second until the end; the music, the dance, the happiness, even sharing their passion with the first timer, all of that with some beautiful flying so well filmed by Richie.“

FILM 2: StokedHolm

Domi remembering her horseriding skills — by Fabian Equey
Domi remembering her horseriding skills — by Fabian Equey

Team: Jokke Sommer, Max Haim, and Domi Kiger (interviewee)

How did you come up with your storyboard? Jokke, Max and I went to dinner in a really cool restaurant / bar in downtown Stockholm, had a few drinks, and started brainstorming. We had fairly different ideas at first, but we agreed on the principle of trying to do as many cool things as we could in 3 days!

What did you learn? It's not easy to make a cool video!

Best moment: So many… Going back to my roots with some cross-country horse riding was amazing; all the jumps with Jokke and Max – wingsuiting, freeflying, canopy piloting, having the tunnel for ourselves for 6 hours, jumping a helicopter over Stockholm and landing in the water by the tunnel, the party…

Worst moment: The last 12 hours before the deadline when you realise you actually need to edit something!

Funniest moment: Petter on a pony, Jokke giving me Tinder coaching, me trying to do a gainer.

Anything to add? A MASSIVE thank you to Alex and Jenny from Satori Factory for creating this concept, to Bodyflight Stockholm for making it happen, and all the participants, staff and friends who showed up and worked their magic.

Domitile Kiger

Satori Factory Opinion – STOKEDHOLM:
“The goofiness of Jokke Sommer, Max Haim, and Domi Kiger: 'StockedHolm' – what a cool name and concept. Domi really impressed me with her gainer commitment and horse-riding skills, those two actions offered a really entertaining live feed by the way. They without a doubt nailed the PLAY side of the event. “

FILM 3: BrotherHood

Yohan Aby and Will Penny – Brotherhood — by martin kristensen
Yohan Aby and Will Penny – Brotherhood — by martin kristensen

Team: Will Penny, Yohann Aby, Martin Kristensen (interviewee)

How did you feel to be invited? At my age I feel extremely privileged to receive any kinda invitation.

How did you come up with the idea for your film? We thought it would be best to just show the flying we like to do.

What did you learn? Bodyflight Stockholm and the crew they have, are amazing.

Best moment: The whole event was just fantastic, I love it when I can meet up with friends and be creative.

Funniest moment: The guided tour around the Bodyflight Stockholm building complex Friday night. That was a “should have been there” moment.

Worst moment: Leaving the Satori Factory HQ Monday afternoon.

Anything to add? Bodyflight Stockholm just raised the bar.

Martin Kristensen

Satori Factory Opinion – BROTHERHOOD: “The surgical technicality of Will Penny, Yo Aby and Martin Kristensen: This one is for the connoisseur, it is like tasting a good wine or appreciating art … it can't touch everybody, but it is delightful for the one that understands.“

FILM 4: Flow

Inka Tiitto in Bodyflight Stockholm — by Fabian Equey
Inka Tiitto in Bodyflight Stockholm — by Fabian Equey

Team: Lauri Aapro, Inka Tiitto (interviewee)

How did you come up with your movie idea? We both wanted to create something very artistic. Before the event there were all kinds of ideas of what we visually wanted to do. ‘Flow’ felt like a theme we both wanted to work with and had something to give to the story.

What did you learn? It came pretty obvious that having a good plan makes your life a lot easier! We were the only team of two and sometimes an extra pair of hands would have been very useful.

Best moment: Watching the video for the first time was priceless. I am super happy about the outcome.

Funniest moment: Filming the time lapse in town - I was dancing slow-mo in front of the camera for ages and so many people stopped to watch… I think we could have made decent money had we put a hat out!

Did your creation end up as you imagined? It was pretty close to what we planned but… sometimes things just fall seamlessly in their places. Lauri always blows my mind with his vision and skills, and this time was no different. I was there for the week working with him, and still I was amazed by how good the footage and edit turned out.

Inka Tiitto

Satori Factory Opinion – FLOW: “Inka's flying style, Lauri's cinematographic skills and sound design: These combined all together to deliver a meaningful message. This is in my eye a perfect use of the technique, when flying is a tool to discover and explore yourself on a deeper level and filmmaking is the mode of expression to share a vision and inspire the audience.“

Helicopter jumps with friends over Stockholm – this event didn't suck! — by Fabian Equey
Helicopter jumps with friends over Stockholm – this event didn't suck! — by Fabian Equey

Summary, by Alex Aimard

“We jumped from a hot air ballon at sunset in the Swedish countryside, rode horses, proxy flew the clouds, jumped from a helicopter right above the tunnel, a stone’s throw from an internationnal airport and even sunk a jet ski, we swooped for ever in the archipelago, told silly stories and danced and laughed just for fun but telling stories that really matter about flying, about our lives. Fly - Play - Love were the key words I assigned for this event and I think everyone involved can agree that we nailed those goals. #weloveflying”