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Sit Fly Left/Right Turn

Prior to learning how to turn while Sit Flying, you will need to be able to comfortably control a neutral Sit Fly position, and fly this position at a wind speed suitable for sustained flight. You will also need to be able to fly forward and backward comfortably while Sit Flying.


The main objective for this skill is to be able to safely and successfully control both left and right turns while maintaining a an upright, Sit Flying orientation. You will begin by learning 90º turns and understanding how to start and stop the turns with control, then advancing to full 360º turns.


1. Basic

  • Start by standing on the net
  • Determine which direction you want to turn
  • Start the turn by tilting your leading foot sideways out in the direction you plan to turn (right turn, use your right foot and left turn use your left foot)
  • Keep the 90º angle at your knee
  • Turn 90º and then return to neutral in order to stop
  • Keep your knees shoulder-width apart throughout the turn
  • Stop the turn, return down to the net, and reset

2. Intermediate

  • Begin either on or off the net and start in a neutral position
  • This time, you will use only your arms to turn
  • Start the turn by rotating your arms so that your leading elbow points down and your trailing elbow is pointed up
  • Begin with 90º turns and also work on building to 180º turns individually using your arms and then your legs
  • Be sure to stop between each turn to ensure your flying in control

3. Advanced

  • Gotten this far? Visit the IBA Skill page to read on about the use of both your arms and legs to perform full turns off the net.

Check In

  • How did your performance match the initial objectives?
  • Were you able to stay in control throughout each turn?
  • Were you able to turn in both directions and maintain stability?
  • Did you feel comfortable using individual and combined upper / lower body inputs?

Visit the IBA Skills page to download the full lesson plan and to find post-flight evaluation questions and suggestions.

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