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Pre-Nationals Money Meet

Calling all formation skydiving competitors–4-way/8-way, 4-way VFS (vertical formation skydiving), and 2-way MFS (mixed formation skydiving)! Whether you're planning to go to the USPA National Skydiving Championships in September or considering formation skydiving competition for the first time, check out Skydive Spaceland Houston's preNationals competition, 13-15 July!

by Cory Kossan
by Cory Kossan

Mini Nationals

The format of this competition is much like the regular USPA FS Nationals, only the schedule is more compressed by request. There are a few less rounds and the meet is scheduled to run over a long weekend rather than an entire week. However, the judging system is still the amazing Omniskore!HD, and the chief judge is none other than Jim Rees, who has run the judging for multiple USPA National Skydiving Championships. Short version: International-level judging over a long weekend of competition!

Helping Teams

Another great benefit is because this is not as big of a competition as the USPA Nationals, we have a little more leeway to do things like a competitors' meeting/firing squad with the chief judge Jim Rees. Last year, this meet was instrumental in helping some newer teams tune up and shape up their formation and video flying before Nationals; it's a great opportunity for a training meet.

Cash Prizes

Oh, and did we forget to mention that this is a MONEY MEET with nearly $16,000 in cash prizes for 4-way and 8-way FS?! Come take your best shot and maybe even walk off with some cash!


Spaceland will also have a bunch of free Red Bull, a masseuse, and three meals served each day for your convenience. You should be here! Find out more at

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