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Over 1,100 Jumps in 1 Year!

How did one man manage this without sponsorship?

The Skydive Spaceland Unlimited Jump Package!

Henry Guyver showed up to Skydive Spaceland Houston early in 2018 with just 30 jumps. With the support of his loving wife Allie, they moved from halfway around the world to live in a bus at Houston DZ . Henry has made the most of it, making more than 1140 skydives on the unlimited jumps package – pay once and jump as much as you like, at 5 different DZs.

Listen to Henry's story here…

Unlimited Jumps

What would you do with a year of unlimited skydives at FIVE turbine drop zones?! Yes, as many jumps as you like!


Answers to FAQs regarding The Jump Package…

  • What does it cost?
  • $8800 for all jumps made Jan. 1,-Dec. 31, 2019
  • How many jumps does it take to break even on the price?
  • 352
  • How many jumps has the average Jump Package holder made this year?
  • 569 (with nearly 2 months left to go as of this writing!)
  • What are the most jumps one person has made so far in 2018?
  • 1140 (Yes, over 1100 in 10 months!)
  • What is the average per-jump price for someone on The Jump Package in 2018?
  • $15.48
  • How much is a normal jump ticket?
  • $25
  • How much has the person with the most jumps in 2018 paid per jump?
  • $7.72 and getting cheaper every day!!
  • Where is The Jump Package valid?
  • All current and future Skydive Spaceland dropzones (currently Houston, Dallas, San Marcos, Atlanta, and Florida)!

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