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Unlimited Jumps at Spaceland!

Otter at Skydive spaceland

How many jumps can you do in a year? What if you could jump at four turbine DZs for one low rate? What if you never had to bother with paying manifest at the end of the day? All of this is available in 2018 with Skydive Spaceland's Unlimited Jump Package!

Licensed skydivers who purchase the package can do all the jumps they want from Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2018, for $8,800. That includes jumps at any and all current and future Spaceland locations, which at present include full-time turbine drop zones near Houston and Dallas, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; and Miami, Florida. All locations operate at least one Caravan and Houston/Dallas also operate Super Otters. All locations are open at least 5 days a week, with Houston and Dallas operating 7 days a week.

People often make more than 1,000 jumps on this package every year, meaning they're paying less than $10/jump.

by Rosy Booker
by Rosy Booker

Houston and Dallas locations offer bunkhouse lodging, RV hookups, and camping.

For more information and to purchase this limited offer online, see skydive spaceland's website here.

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