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Subterminal - Skydive & BASE App

Subterminal - Skydiving & B.A.S.E logbook app for Android
Subterminal - Skydiving & B.A.S.E logbook app for Android

There are electronic skydiving logbooks and BASE Apps but no-one has yet combined the two. Enter Subterminal, with an App to bridge the gap! The new Subterminal lets you log your sky and BASE jumps in one simple-to-use App…

Launch Freebie

We are giving away 10 premium accounts to Skydive Mag readers to celebrate! Simply Like and/or Comment on this article on SkydiveMag's facebook page and we will draw ten winners at random. Good luck!

Current features

  • Log your Skydives & B.A.S.E jumps
  • Images & Signatures on each entry
  • Never lose jump data again by storing your jumps in the cloud with us (premium)
  • Over 1200 dropzones with Aircraft/Services/Descriptions.
  • Live weather for Exits/Dropzones.
  • Add your Rigs/Suits and attach them to entries.
  • PIN Protect

You can use the app without a premium account but keep in mind your data is not stored in the cloud with us.

The app comes preloaded with over 1200 dropzones around the world and various public well established exit points around Lauterbrunnen. Dropzone data is owned and maintained by the dropzones themselves and can be kept up to date with aircraft/services/descriptions over at which feeds directly back into the app. If you own/manage a dropzone please get in touch to take over your listing.

Both dropzones and B.A.S.E exits have a live weather view, to give you a quick glance at today's conditions.

Subterminal - Skydive & B.A.S.E logbook app for android
Subterminal - Skydive & B.A.S.E logbook app for android

Future Development

The app is still very early in its development and Subterminal would love to hear from the community regarding desired features. Here's a glimpse of what's ahead:

  • Realtime skydive/B.A.S.E logging. Hit record before getting on the aircraft/exiting.
  • More detailed weather forecasting.
  • Image gallery
  • B.A.S.E Object height estimator.
  • Exit / Dropzone Map / Waypoints
  • Beautiful Stats - Charts / Statistics to break down your full jumping career with detailed filters.
  • Jump buddies. Find other jumpers looking to Skydive/B.A.S.E jump in your area.
  • iOS - Yes we do plan on supporting iOS.
  • Better Tablet support.

Subterminal WILL NOT add your local exit points to the public database so please don't ask. The only exits they will be adding are well established/legal exits. Any exits added by users ARE NOT SHARED PUBLICLY.

Get the App, currently for Android only, at the Google Play store here