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The 2016 IBA Global Kids Challenge

'Wind Twins' (Morgan Fenton & Hope Hadfield) of iFLY Toronto in IBA Kids Comp 2015 — by iFLY Toronto
'Wind Twins' (Morgan Fenton & Hope Hadfield) of iFLY Toronto in IBA Kids Comp 2015 — by iFLY Toronto

If you happen to find yourself at a tunnel on October 4th of this year, it’s likely you will see pint-sized bootie suits and small humans doing flip twists and barrel rolls. Chances are you’ll be at your local edition of the Global Kids Challenge.

The IBA is organizing an event to give young people around the world the opportunity to compete against one another for the chance to win a world title and free tunnel time! The first competition of this kind was held in October of last year, where 28 teams of kids competed in 2way FS and posted incredible sores. Don’t believe that pre-teens can score a 38-point average? Check this video out – Flashpoint, the first placed team, scored 48 points in Round 3!

You can watch the videos of the top three teams from last year's competition here.

How does it work?

Young people aged 6-16 can participate at their local tunnel and be judged against flyers from all around the world, entering the comp on the same day. All wind tunnels are welcome to join in. The competition will take place on October 4th, 2016 at 7pm local time. Competition rounds will be Live-streamed (at most tunnels). FS will be judged locally, Freestyle will be judged by rated judges. Results will be published within 24 hours.


IBA are going bigger this year with the Kids Challenge expanding from National to International and from one category to four:
2way FS - Intermediate and Advanced
Freestyle - Intermediate and Advanced
The classes are determined by skill level. Intermediate is IBA Flyer Level 1 and 2, Advanced is IBA Flyer Level 3, 4, and Pro


FS – 3 hours for first place, 2 hours for second, and 1 hour for third
Freestyle – 1 ½ hours for the winner, 1 hour for second place, and ½ hour for third place.

Could your little superhero take on the rest?

For further information, or to sign up your tunnel to the competition, contact