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The Crux

Words by Lesley Gale

Our mission was to get as much of Marty’s magic as possible into this system, and also the rest of our BASE equipment product range
Crux – front flap
Crux – front flap

 Squirrel wingsuits has just released the Crux - a new BASE container that's billed as 'an ideal choice for jumpers who want to own only one single harness/container system, or for jumpers that seek an all-around system that is equally comfortable at a slider down object or on a wingsuit flight'. 

Created from the new collaboration between Asylum Designs and Squirrel BASE Equipment, the CRUX is said to be a 'mind-meld of the old and the new'. We asked Squirrel CEO Matt Gerdes to tell us why the market needs this rig…

How did this new container come about?

Crux – front right
Crux – front right

The CRUX came out of our new company merger between Squirrel & Asylum.  Having Marty [Martin Tilley, of Asylum Designs] on board for this project was great! We are super happy with a lot of the small detail work that went into it. His experience, particularly on the finer points of container construction, is rare in our industry. He is the only old school artisan still building all of his own rigs himself, and he’s been building BASE gear himself on a daily basis for 25 years… there is no other owner of any BASE company anywhere who is still doing that, and it just goes to show that he loves what he does and takes great pride in his art. Our mission was to get as much of Marty’s magic as possible into this system, and also the rest of our BASE equipment product range.

Crux – right side
Crux – right side

How does the geometry compare with your other BASE containers?

The harness geometry is similar to the STREAM.  The Dyneema Polyester webbing that we are using is quite supple for its strength, making it very comfortable and allowing good freedom of movement. Simon Perriard designed the new riser / MLW junction that is being used on the STREAM and CRUX and we’re quite happy with it – it’s very low-profile and comfortably over the shoulder, and there is no instance in which it can encounter a peeling force. It’s the sleekest solution to the integrated riser problem so far, in our opinion.

Crux – back
Crux – back

What's the aim of the Crux?

Overall, the main point of the CRUX is versatility. It’s light, with custom plate buckles and high-tech webbing. It has solid pin protection for wingsuit and tracking use. And the main pin flap is traditional – totally suitable for slider off use. So jumpers that are heading out on a multi-mission BASE trip that is going to mix up slider off and WS / Tracking jumps can use this for everything. Jumpers who only want to own one BASE container system can use this for everything. And jumpers who are focused on slider off stuff but want the lowest profile and slimmest container possible, might like it as well. We still tell people who are focused on wingsuit BASE that the STREAM is the best answer for that. And if you only jump slider off, then grab a kN. There is no one magic bullet, but the CRUX is pretty flexible.

Crux Features

  • Comfortable, low profile, light weight
  • 7000lb Dyneema Blend Webbing
  • Next-Gen Bartack Construction
  • Medium-Long Container for Easy BOC Access
  • Thermoformed Back Pad
  • Low Drag Profile
  • Wingsuitable Pin Protection
  • Custom Plate Buckles

Loads more detail about the Crux on the Squirrel website here


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