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The Havok Carve

by Dan Dupuis
by Dan Dupuis
by Ash Darby
by Ash Darby
by Darren Burke
by Darren Burke

The new Havok Carve further refines the design of our hugely popular Havok and marks the start of a range of high performance suits set to be released by Phoenix Fly this season.

Over the last 2 years, the Havok has rightly earned its place in the sky as a wingsuit for camera work, big ways, instructors coaching students and above all else aggressive acrobatic flying, like carving – a discipline where it leads the way.

In the world of BASE the Havok has gained huge popularity due to the great performance, quick starts and easy and unobstructed pull. Acrobatic flying is gaining huge momentum in BASE, combined with more agile flying styles, making the Havok the new powerhouse tool in the most discerning stash bags.


The new Havok Carve further builds on this platform, refining the actual shape of the arm and leg wing to improve the performance and handling. The addition of more internal ribs combined with the changed wing profile creates an even smoother aerodynamic shape, allowing the pilot to fly even cleaner than before.

The design of the booties has been changed to allow for even more direct control and feeling with the leg wing, helping to eliminate drag. The angle of the vents on the back of the suit have been modified to allow for even better inflation, accommodating the directional airflow around the rig.

Acrobatic flying is gaining huge momentum in BASE, combined with more agile flying styles


For BASE jumpers, Phoenix Fly have added a new stash bag pouch in the tail deflector, keeping it away from the inlets on the leg wing, allowing for clean inflation, as well as full unrestricted leg movement on exit. For skydiving, the Havok Carve will ship with a thin piece of pre-shaped foam in the pocket which doubles as a nice soft cushion while seated on the floor or benches of an aeroplane. As well as the deflector pouch, each suit will be made with a phone pocket on the chest as standard. The Havok Carve can be specified with additional pockets built in to the suit to allow for more items to be carried in the BASE environment.


The Havok Carve comes standard with custom colours, YKK zips, backfly inlets, stash bag pouch and phone-pocket, but has many optional extras to accommodate the individual needs of each pilot:

  • 5/10 base soles for added grip (recommended for BASE)
  • Performance Foam to create a smoother leading edge to increase performance
  • Parapak Fabric for increased durability (recommended for skydiving)
  • Dual leg stash pockets for added storage space for BASE jumping
  • Belly mounted ‘action-camera’ zip
  • Smartphone stash-pocket

More info: Phoenix Fly

2014 - 03 - Havok Carve - Coaching jump (Ash POV) Jarno Cordia coaching a jumper in the Havok Carve

Havok Carve BASE - Quick Starts and easy pull for base jumping - by Jarno Cordia