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The Safire 3

We’ve put a bunch of effort into badass high performance canopies over the last few years, which we love – and now it’s time to make that technology available to everyone.

After fucking with Formula 1 for decades we thought a sedan would be a walk in the park…and five years later the Safire 3 is nearly done.

High performance design was the driver behind this project. Our starting point was using the same 3D design process we used for Petra and Leia to completely reshape the Safire.

Our test jumpers have been flying her relentlessly, trying out different sizes, different wingloadings, new brake configurations, varied slider sizes. They've packed her well and packed her badly and jumped her anyway. They've tried some CRW. Done canopy flocks. Moved her through the motions of an everyday fun canopy. And done it all over some beautiful New Zealand scenery.

She’s a beauty. Full Powerband and nose shaping, smooth curves in her new planform shape and lots of fun in her toggles, risers and harness turns.

What have we achieved? The most technologically advanced beginner/intermediate wing on the market. Unparalleled openings, responsive flight and a powerful flare. Simplicity, safety and balance.

She’s ready.

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