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The Safire3 Project: Opening Progression

NZ Aerosports released the original Safire in 1999, and her successor the Safire2 in 2001. She's their biggest selling mainstream canopy.

They started working on a Safire3 about 5 years ago when they were in the middle of their infamous Summer of Love research and development project (the one that spawned Petra and Leia).

They've been focusing on high performance stuff for a while now (let’s be honest, all the test jumpers wanna jump is the high performance stuff), and say originally they thought this project would be easy…ha!

There’s been a lot of aspects to it – completely new shaping in their new software, about 20 people involved (staff and mates), and who knows how many jumps…

With these projects they say they usually start with the shape and canopy feel, and then play with the openings along the way…then finalise the openings…then jump the shit out of it…

Here are some of their trials and fuckups, and trying again. Test pilots jumping her, rest of the NZ Aerosports crew jumping her, and some of the local NZ Safire 2 pilots having a go too.

The progression from some crap openings to the most beautiful consistent, reliable openings.

They reckon they might have found the sweet spot. New canopy on the horizon sometime soon!