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Time: The Eraser

Words by Vedi Djokich

Destroying art while skydiving
Vexedart – Destroying art while skydiving  — Image by Niklas Daniel

Capturing the Destructive Passage of Time

After the filming of vex 13 000 - skydive art project, I wanted to revisit the concept of painting in freefall. This time though, the focus was on capturing the destructive passage of time. Documenting how it slowly erased the work and images that I created, until they ultimately disappeared.


I wanted these designs to also have a connection to time, so I drew up these 3 images:

  • Rabbit Skull : representing the past - memory of a childhood pet.
  • Cicada Eyes : representing the present - changing & evolving visions.
  • Balloon Skull : representing the future - inflated fears & the inevitable. 
Rabbit Skull, representing the past
Rabbit Skull, representing the past — Image by Vedi Djokich
Cicada Eyes, representing the present
Cicada Eyes, representing the present — Image by Vedi Djokich
Balloon Skull, representing the future
Balloon Skull, representing the future — Image by Vedi Djokich
Vedi Djokich, destroying his own art
Vedi Djokich, flying his works of art  — Image by Sara Curtis


These designs were screen-printed onto fabric, hand painted, and sewed into streamers that would inflate in terminal velocity. They were then attached to 30lbs jugs that I held onto while skydiving, which slowly released paint onto the images. The paint continued to spill out with each second of freefall, until it devoured all 13 feet of fabric, leaving nothing left. My white gear also got covered. During the last jump the paint jug imploded and my right arm was covered in black paint.


The project was filmed in Arizona with Sara Curtis, Steve Curtis, Nik Daniel, Jason Peters, and myself. It is a unique piece incorporating art, painting and skydiving,

Time the eraser : destroying art while skydiving and painting
Vexedart | Vedi Djokich

Note: I created unique wood pieces of the 3 images, along with hand printed (silk screened) & painted, limited edition prints of /30, on paper of each design. Prints are available for purchase through my online store, or ask me about the unique wood panel pieces.


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