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TunnelTime: Revolutionizing Tunnelcamp Experience

Words by Nina-Marie Kuehn

tunnel time


TunnelTime is an online platform designed by flyers for flyers. The aim is to create an easy access to tunnel time and indoor skydiving coaching all over Europe. The unique website makes tunnel flying more accessible to flyers of all levels.

Flyers can discuss online about upcoming camps they are participating in, and receive valuable information about their stay in the respective tunnel, such as accommodation and restaurant recommendations. They can compare and book tunnel camps through the TunnelTime portal.

TunnelTime was launched by indoor skydiving professionals Václav Dědek and Radek Meduna in 2014. Both are wind tunnel coaches for many years and regularly organize tunnel camps and skydiving skill camps all around Europe. As part of the successful indoor skydiving dynamic 4-way (D4W) team Mad Ravens, they took the gold medal at White Nights and the silver medal at the World Indoor Skydiving Championship 2015. With their vast knowledge of camp structure, needs of flyers, and the overall dynamics of indoor skydiving, they hope to revolutionize the experience of tunnel camps both for flyers and coaches.

Mad Ravens at the White Nights, FlyStation
Mad Ravens at the White Nights — Image by FlyStation


Václav Dědek and Radek Meduna
Václav Dědek (left) and Radek Meduna — Image by Nina-Marie Kuehn

“Tunnel flying is developing into a sport on its own”, explains Václav Dědek. “In the same way that skydivers are ready to travel from boogie to boogie, they are also willing now to visit between five and six tunnels per year. We want to use and nurture this phenomenon. Well-organized camps are the best way to progress quickly and efficiently“.

The two entrepreneurs are slowly connecting European tunnels, one after the other to their website. Their main goal stays humble: to share their fascination with flying with the world. FFI

White Nights – Mad Ravens win D4W
Mad Ravens win D4W at White Nights

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