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UK 4-way Nationals 2105 – Update 7

by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Rob Lloyd</a>
by Rob Lloyd

Hallelujah! The weather gods dealt a kind hand this morning with a thin layer of cloud, easily jumpable. No-one could ever accuse Hib of letting the grass grow on the runway when the sun is shining. The final rounds of 4-way are finished by 9:30 and the competitors are now settled in the bar, beverage in hand, watching the judging of the semis and finals.

“Are you sucking your own dicks now Joey?” I ask him as
“yes we are” he says, “well, metaphorically speaking, if we could do that we wouldn’t bother going skydiving!”

Round 9 is P 15 B 3, and most teams put in some tidy scores. In an exciting finish the top three teams all scored 20, to much applause. We’re now waiting for the judging of Round 10, wondering if we will see a new British record Nationals average, currently 20.7. I’m sat with Milko and Foxy, who say they always get stuck on 20.7 at Nationals and it will probably be the same!

The final round

The puzzle is N G 18 K.. Eclipse have lovely dive with beautiful 18s, sweet closes every time and looking like a team that had done 280 jumps this year not 28 ..scoring a 19 to much applause and foot-stamping. Eclipse have had a fantastic meet.

NFTO&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Simon Brentford</a>
NFTO — by Simon Brentford

NFTO are now on… the silence is so loud… controlled safesih dive scoring 17 to much applause… and making us realise just how special Eclipse’s dive was. It’s a shame ACM had to withdraw today because their super-sub had to go back to work, conceding the match to NFTO, these teams have been

Vision are strong, clean and flying well until the ‘knobhead moment’ when a visible brain lock causes Taf to say loudly ‘knobhead’, to much laughter from the audience. Two points behind 4Mula they were unlikely to overtake them but with that mistake it is now virtually impossible .

4Mula ramp up the pace, injecting an energy into the dive that none of the other teams dared with that trickiest of blocks, zircon-zircon. They breeze through the 17th point with 5 seconds to go and everyone starts clapping before the round is even finished! .. 18, 19, 20.. 21 !!! outrageous! Way to finish in style, that confirms them as silver medal winners, with average. Not bad for Kate’s 1,000 jumps! Joey is just commenting that Dave Rogers, one of the team members, was in Rookie five years ago.

“That someone can rise through the ranks to a *8 in such a short time is a testament to the British system, the different categories, the accessibility of indoor skydiving and the amount of high quality coaches you have here” he said in a less entertaining but more meaningful quote than yesterday.

by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Rob Lloyd</a>
by Rob Lloyd

I’m sat with Satori, who have already described their dive as ‘under the line’. Julia is saying, “this is going to be embarrassing” as they realise they could lose the final round as they win the Nationals. The video starts .. a hush fills the room as they begin an elegant routine that is efficient yet lacks the fire of 4Mula. on point 16, a red bust fills the screen, causing a collective ‘Oh’ of disappointment from the crowd. It’s that competition phenomena, the mystery bust as none of Satori had any idea what it was for.. 18, 19, 20.. and the screen freezes. Thanks to the bust they conceded the round … but of course still won the Nationals impressively, putting Julia back on the winners’ podium where she belongs.

Satori qualify as the British National team, and NFTO as the UK Ladies 4-way team, congratulations! The prize giving for AAA and Rookie is about to begin.

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