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Use your DOWNTIME!

Thumbs up by Zach Lewis — by Cali Dave
Thumbs up by Zach Lewis — by Cali Dave

The weather sucks! You can't skydive but you can take advantage of the time and maintain your gear. There are some easy things you can look at and have done that can impact openings, safety, reliability, and keep your gear looking sexy as hell.

Some things to think about having looked at by a rigger or replaced…


by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Rezzan Aral Shiel</a>
by Rezzan Aral Shiel

Lines have a life span, and that doesn't mean you replace them when they break. Micro line shrinks, and will go out of trim. The lines can still be strong, but being out of trim can impact everything from openings, full flight speed, landing power. HMA and Vectran also will get worn out over time. You can have a rigger take a look. I replace mine roughly every 400 jumps, even if they still have life in them.

My rigger friends may not agree with me on this one, but I also put a new microline closing loop in at the beginning of each season. They normally will last me the whole season (~150-200 jumps per rig).

Pilot chute

packing pilot chute

Pilot chute – IMO one of the most poorly maintained pieces of gear in skydiving. They do wear out, and when they start to get there you can have a number of problems from hard openings, line twists, and pilot chute hesitation caused by the PC not being able to give the proper force to get your canopy cleanly to line stretch and out of the bag. I hear people say ~500 jumps. I replace mine every time I get a new wing, and every time I get a reline. It's low cost… why wait until you start having problems before you replace it?

Reserve repacks

by Stikkos
by Stikkos

Do it now and you won't risk being down a weekend or paying rush fees.

Other stuff

Container wash – Get that rig looking brand new with a wash from your rigger.

Risers - These also have a life span, and most people don't pay attention to it. I have heard ~500 jumps, but have your rigger take a look.

Keepers for your chest and leg strap - I change them every season.

Have your rigger inspect your gear and let you know what it needs. Now is the perfect time to get it in top shape for next season.