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Walking in the Tunnel

Time to get upright!

There are many scenarios that would deem it necessary to learn this unique skill, particularly if you intend to become a wind tunnel Coach. Understanding this skill will be a great asset for your ability to work with students. This skill is also important in the Free Flying progression, as you will often need to walk into the wind to set up and begin certain moves.

Prior to learning how to walk inside the tunnel, you will first at a minimum need to be comfortable completing all of the 8 points of motion while Belly Flying. For those onthe Freefly progression, you will need to be able to comfortably Back Fly all of the 8 points of motion.


The primary objective is to be able to safely and successfully enter the tunnel on your feet, and comfortably walk forward and backward using the airflow to assist your movement. Avoid fighting your body against the wind! You will also learn how to use your arms to control the speed of your movements, understanding how they can assist with moving sideways and with controlling your heading.


Walking Forward

  • Begin in a neutral position in the wind tunnel door, with your body completely straight and not leaning into the wind
  • Keep your arms bent and tucked into your torso
  • Your hips should remain over your feet the entire time to keep you planted on the net
  • Lean your upper body back, placing the top of your spine and shoulders on to the airflow, this will direct the airflow, causing a forward drive
  • As you feel the “push” of the wind moving you forward, you will begin to take small steps in that direction as you normally would when walking
  • To stop the forward movement, lean forward past the vertical, neutral position, placing your chest on the airflow and stopping the movement of your feet

Walking Backward

  • Learn the differences between walking forward and walking backward on the individual IBA Skills page!

Check In

  • Were you able to maintain stability throughout, remaining on your feet and in control at all times?
  • Were you able to increase the speed of the wind and continue to stay in control?
  • Did you exercise extending your arms and feeling the extra power?

Learn more about the fundamentals of Walking and find additional 'Check In' topics on the individual IBA Skills page. Download the full lesson plan and check out the rest of the post-flight evaluation questions and suggestions.

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