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We‘re skydivers so…

Alberto Fuertes over Empuriabrava&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Will Penny</a>
Alberto Fuertes over Empuriabrava — by Will Penny

What do skydivers have in common?

The team analyzed personality traits at DZs and wind tunnels, coming up with these commonalities. Recognize yourself?

Rules don't apply to us

We text and drive, for example. We’re used to assessing risk right?!

We’re selfish

When we turn down an event we want to do, we’re secretly glad when the weather is pants

We’re poor communicators

We plan on going to an event but we don't let anybody know or register

We behave like children

“Yes I'll come to your event if you find me a rig/a bed for the night/babysitter”

We’re last

We book our flights really late, and then hate ourselves because they're so expensive

We change our plans frequently

So then we even need to change our last minute flight

We’re safety conscious

We have to make sure the air bag's functioning correctly in our rental car! ;-)

We have a strange attitude to money

We spend 700 bucks on jumps but baulk at paying $50 for a hotel

We’re hunter-gatherers

We automatically fill our pockets with food from the hotel breakfast buffet – even when not skydiving

We can’t break old habits

Even when not team training we have to tell someone we’re going to the bathroom

We don't like people telling us what to do

Especially when they're right

We’ve seen stuff

We know at least one person who’s living proof of the marvels of modern surgery

We probably don't have a pension

We’re not sure it’s a realistic investment

We have a credit card bill

Naturally – or we have no credit, or we’re DZ bums

We’ll always have a bed for the night

Anywhere around the world the skydiving community looks after its own


Recognizing yourself in 10 or more of the above confirms you’re of skydiver species!