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Wind Games 2015

by Vania Da Rui
by Vania Da Rui

The 2015 Wind Games will be held over two days on the 23rd and 24th January at Windoor in Empuriabrava. The first Wind Games was a very successful competition and as always, the challenge of growing bigger and better without losing all of the elements of what made the first event so successful will be the challenge.

The plan is to separate the disciplines up to the semi-finals to ensure that events last for only a few hours rather than all day. Windoor will honour the traditional disciplines of FS and VFS whilst continuing to innovate with the newer Dynamic events and the introduction of 2 Way VFS in Europe. Top teams, including current World Champions will be competing in heated battles in all disciplines which will make for an exciting competition for teams and spectators alike.

by Vania Da Rui
by Vania Da Rui

Dynamic Flying

The Wind Games in January 2014 introduced 2 Way Dynamic as a new competition and the success of that has since encouraged most other Dynamic competitions to include the event in their programs. Dynamic flying will once again play an important role in the second edition of the Wind Games, with 2 and 4 Way Dynamic competitions managed by Adam Mattacola. Windoor had initially planned to run a 2 Way Dynamic competition, but with the rescheduling of the Dubai Dynamic event which was due to be held in Feb 2014, many 4 Way teams have asked us to host an event, so registration is now open for that. Early rounds will be on a straight scoring basis, with the top eight going head to head in knock out battles. The combination of speed and free rounds with live scoring has proven to be great audience entertainment. Five teams are registered from various countries with more signing up daily.

FS 4 Way Open

The FS Open event will once again be a very interesting battle between Hayabusa, the current World Champions and Airspeed, with the teams meeting in their first competition with their new lineups. Both teams will want to gain the psychological advantage of an early victory; however, there is a lot hard training ahead with many more competitions before the next World Meet in 2 years time.

The format for this year's FS competition will be changed slightly, in that all teams will compete up to round 9 (semi-finals). The cut will not take place until round 10 and the top ten teams will then go through to the final. This change allows all teams the opportunity to be part of the semi -finals of the competition. The decision to have 10 teams in the cut is a reflection of how dramatically placings can change in one round, particularly if the last round is a high scoring one. It affords every team within striking distance of the medals an opportunity to impact the final placings and will hopefully make the competition more exciting for everyone. Teams already registered include Hayabusa (Belgium), Airspeed (USA), Gavroche (France), Thunder (Belgium), Savoa (UK), Bad Boys (Czech), Jazz Republic (South Africa), Barak Barak (Spain) and more.

Kaizen winning silver medal at the Wind Games 2014
Kaizen winning silver medal at the Wind Games 2014
The 2015 Wind Games competition will include the first indoor 2 Way VFS competition in Europe

FS 4 Way Female

Windoor will once again host a separate Female FS category to provide a platform for the teams in this discipline. We hope that the all-ladies teams who usually compete in this category will support the event as it will encourage other competitions to offer a separate division. Teams are already registered from the UK, Spain, and Czech republic.

4 Speed in Windoor

2 and 4 Way VFS

In past years, 4 Way VFS looked like it was becoming a declining discipline with fewer teams competing every year. The 2014 Wind Games had 6 teams, and we hope to see that number increase in 2015. (There are already 5 registered teams from Belgium, Poland, Switzerland and Italy.) With a view to encouraging interest and to once again provide the platform for a new discipline, the 2015 competition will include the first indoor 2 Way VFS competition in Europe.

The format and dive pool have been kindly donated by the innovators in the US, Steve and Sarah Curtis, as well as Ari Perelman. The US has seen a resurgence of interest in VFS after the creation of the 2 Way event, as it provides an entry for teams to compete, improve and move on to 4 Way. We hope that this new competition will support 4 Way VFS in much the same way that the introduction of the 2 Way Dynamic event has increased the number of people able to compete at 4 Way Dynamic level.

Mikey and Paloma commentating — by Vania Da Rui
Mikey and Paloma commentating — by Vania Da Rui


Medals will be given to the top 3 teams in each category; each event requires 4 teams in order to run a competition. Cash prizes are offered in every event, but will only be awarded when there are 10 or more teams entering that event. For example, the Open 4-way carries a prize purse of 5,000 euros for gold, 3,000 for silver and 1500 for bronze, and there are already 10 teams entered so the money is on the table! For more details about each event, prize money etc, see Wind Games on Windoor website

Live Feed

As is the norm these days for indoor competitions, there will be a live feed. will be on site provide live updates, interviews and articles. Windoor will also provide commentators to interview key competitors and to provide regular updates and information to keep the remote audience fully informed of the progress of the competition. If your team has not registered, now is a great time.

Airspeed Skills Camp

The week after the competition will see the first Airspeed tunnel camp in Europe in recent years. Airspeed is the longest running FS team in the world. Varying line-up changes have not affected their success. This is a great opportunity for teams and individuals to take advantage of their knowledge and experience without a costly trip to the US.

See Wind Games on Windoor website for more information

List of registered teams

Short Movie of The Wind Games 2014, filmed and edited by the incredible Vania Da Rui