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Wingsuit BASE – Pilot Chute Safety

I’ve written about this already 5 years ago, but since more video material accumulated in my collection over those years, I thought it was worth a more extensive video, so here we go:

Good Pilot Chute Technique

  • Pull and throw in one single motion
  • Throw it like you mean it
  • Don’t hold on to your PC after pulling it out of the BOC
  • Don’t bring the PC forward against the airstream.

There are certain pilot chute packing techniques that are intended to prevent bridle / PC entanglements, but none of this will help if you do not get the pull and throw right.

Thanks to the jumpers sharing footage, you know who you are.

Music: “Hola Hola Bossa Nova” by Juanitos, CC BY 2.0 FR


There is a discussion on Facebook here on preventing pilot chute entanglements, by Dominik Loyen (

A method of pilot chute packing for wingsuit BASE is shown here, by Matt Gerdes (Great Book of BASE) aims to share information with the aim of improving safety – but of course the reader must understand that ultimately he/she makes his own choices and is responsible for the risks and decisions he takes.