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World Record claim ratified

Women's World Record 3-point 56-way, now official&nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp;by <a href='' class='captionLink'>Andrey Veselov</a>
Women's World Record 3-point 56-way, now official — by Andrey Veselov

FAI ratify World Record

The FAI has ratified the women’s sequential 3-point record, achieved by Women on Wings, 3 September 2016, at Skydive Teuge, the Netherlands. The ladies built the first point in the shape of a butterfly, to appeal to the general public, and as a symbol of power and beauty.

The FAI frequently takes more than a year to ratify records, where sometimes the exact same jump is ratified by USPA in a matter of weeks. The delay is often due to drawn-out system, where slow-moving National Aero Clubs are part of the chain of approval. It is believed that the next IPC Plenary, in February, will propose changes aimed at improving and speeding up the system.

The fairytale story of the record is told here by Andreea Pistea.

New Parachuting World Record - 7.9.2017

FAI has ratified the following Class G (Parachuting) World record :


Claim number : 17958 Sub-class : G-2 / Performance Records Category : Female Group : Large Formation Sequential Records - Formation Skydiving Type of record : 3 formations Course/location : Teuge (Netherlands) Performance : 56 skydivers

Members : Viktoriia Arsan (Ukraine), Elizabeth Attwood (United Kingdom), Rosalind Ayling (United Kingdom), Kari Berg (Norway), Tone D Bergan (Norway), Henriette Bollink (Netherlands), Radya Bouksou (France), Jose Brouwers (Netherlands), Ana Budjelan (United Kingdom), Sally Dhyr (Denmark), Filippa Ebersjo (Sweden), Petra Engwerda (Netherlands), Helle Eriksen (Denmark), Marion Floysand (Norway), Lesley Gale (United Kingdom), Ruth A.R. Green (United Kingdom), Alice Halpern (Denmark), Madeleine Heath Kelly (United Kingdom), Fanny Hopmans (Netherlands), Genevieve Huntley (United Kingdom), Hanga Keri (Hungary), Sandra Kleijn (Netherlands), Anne Knabe (Switzerland), Maryna Kniazeve (Ukraine), Ans Koetsenruyter (Netherlands), Evgeniya Korzhova (Russia), Nataliya Kozlova (Russia), Vera Kuznetsova (Russia), Siv Lindgren (Sweden), Nadja Lonnroth (Finland), Maria Lundquist (Sweden), Lucy Mason (United Kingdom), Mieke Mulder (Netherlands), Carolina Nilsson (Sweden), Anna Oscarson (Sweden), Monica Paulsson (Sweden), Cйline Pelletier (Belgium), Joelle Perrin (France), Andreea Pistea (Romania), Tatiyana Polyanskaya (Russia), Susanna Raulio (Finland), Hannamari Rissanen (Finland), Olga Rudakova (Russia), Sara Sabelis (Netherlands), Monica Smines (Norway), Wendy Smith (France), Mia Straede (Denmark), Tatiyana Strelnikova (Russia), Eija Suvala (Finland), Marloes Swarthoff (Netherlands), Martina Taylor (United Kingdom), Conny Van Setten (Netherlands), Alia Vesselova (Russia), Monica Westera (Netherlands), Irina Yakina (Russia), Illona van Tulden (Netherlands)

Date : 03.09.2016

Previous record : no record set yet


FAI congratulates the Skydiver(s) on this splendid achievement.