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World Record Hat Trick

Newsflash – 3 jumps – 3 teams – 3 World Records!

Organizer Kate Cooper-Jensen after one of the World Record jumps — by Henny Wiggers
Organizer Kate Cooper-Jensen after one of the World Record jumps — by Henny Wiggers

Records Galore!

The 'Women on Wings' (WOW) team in Ukraine built three consecutive 3-point 60-ways on successive jumps, each one setting a Women's World Sequential Record. The record-breaking skydives were on Thursday 2 August, from 18,000 feet over Skydive Kharkiv, from two Antonov-28 aircraft and a Turbolet 410, flying in formation.

The original goal for the group was a 120-way single point European Record, out of two An72s but these military beasts fell through just days before the event. This left the WOW team scrambling to put on a record event – a Women's World Sequential Record was their only option. The existing sequential record is a 3-point 56-way, set by Women on Wings over Skydive Teuge in 2016. The WOW group beat their own record at the first attempt, making a 3-point 57-way, and followed this up the next day with a 3-point 60-way, almost the limit of their lift capacity.

60-way Women's World Record Sequential, first point
60-way Women's World Record Sequential, first point

Changing Places

There is an FAI rule that says if two or more groups set an identical record on the same day then they all count as valid records – as how is one to choose between them?! The WOW team of captains were very conscious they had to disappoint a lot of women as they only had 60 slots. So they made a plan to take advantage of this rule, and build consecutive records with as many different ladies on the load as possible.

So, Thursday 2 August began with a new Women's World Record Sequential 60-way – jump 1. On jump 2, they changed 11 people and made another 3-point 60-way, making 71 record holders. Jump 3, and these 11 women were replaced with a further 11, again resulting in a 3-point 60-way. So in all, 82 women will qualify for the new World Record 3-point 60-way. This included almost everyone present, bar some with (minor) injuries and most team captains, who stayed on the ground to let others have a chance at the record. This unselfish, team-centered approach is typical of women.


WOW should be congratulated on their splendid achievements:

  • Three consecutive World Record jumps
  • Sharing the love and the glory
  • Excellent discipline in free fall and under canopy, making the jumps easy to judge and the event super safe.
Happy WOW record-breakers
Happy WOW record-breakers

22 different countries were represented – Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Ukraine. They were led by WOW captains Kate Cooper-Jensen (Denmark), Lise Nansen (Norway), Marloes Swarthoff (The Netherlands), Maxine Tate (UK) and Alia Veselova (Russia).

A full report is here. Meanwhile check out the photos on the event Facebook page