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WTF? Apex Lynx Ad

A couple of weeks ago Apex BASE started advertising on Skydive Mag. We’re stoked to be involved and we hope that you’ve noticed our photos popping up around the site!

Anyway, we’ve gotten a couple of questions about this ad in particular:

A Lynx mid-deployment showing the tailgate doing a picture-perfect job.
A Lynx mid-deployment showing the tailgate doing a picture-perfect job.

Is that a malfunction?!

The questions tend to be along these lines: “Is that a malfunctioning canopy? Why would you use that in an ad?”

Quite the opposite

This photo is a screen grab from a rear-facing camera which captured the deployment of a Lynx at the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho. What you see is the canopy in mid-deployment. The spanwise inflation of the tail is being staged beautifully by the tailgate promoting a picture-perfect nose-first inflation.

So you’re looking at a canopy opening dead on-heading, inflating and expanding nose first, and making this brilliant “U” shape before the tailgate opens up allowing the tail to inflate and the canopy to pressurize completely. Sweet!

This article was originally published on @apexbase

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