Wind Games 2016

Hosted by: Windoor Realfly


Windoor is the premier wind tunnel in Spain, located next to Empuriabrava dropzone. It has a 14 foot tunnel in the center of a lovely bar and restaurant offering super good food. Windoor is run by friendly, welcoming staff who always go the extra mile to make you feel at home. The three floors give ample space for your stuff, for dirt diving, debriefing etc. Outside the tunnel is now a wave park with a surf-style chill-out atmosphere, outdoor tables and eating area, and a marquee where they sometimes have DJs and live music.

Empuriabrava is a beautiful beach town in a stunning bay in the Costa Brava. Home of the largest residential marina in Europe, with an interconnecting series of canals and fantastic sunny weather, it's a prime holiday destination in its own right.

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  • 15:15
    The 2016 IBA Global Kids Challenge

    The 2016 IBA Global Kids Challenge

    Kids across the globe will have the chance to compete against one another without leaving their home tunnels. Just what will these mini-shredders accomplish?

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  • 19:28

    4-way Results

    In female, WomIn France won, NFTO (UK) took silver, we will see them improve in the year to come, and then the Germam Jujariwa in bronze.

    In Open, Hayabusa won the competition by a long way, with 292 points to the next rival, on 256, which was .. drum roll again ….Weembi Lille, who flew their hearts out to a finale finish, equalling Hayabusa on the last round, and outscoring Black Cat to take the silver by one point. In fourth were Thunder, who did outrageously well to finish ahead of Qatar Tigers, a full time sponsored team. Next scratch team Parasport who were just incredible, then Satori, who finished strongly, showing their mettle.

    You can see the final scores on the In time website, and videos of all rounds on the Windoor website here

    Congratulations to all teams and to Windoor for running the best Wind Games yet, and especially for the music round of freestyle, which gave me goosebumps and undoubtedly set a new standard. I’m signing off now and going to the prizegiving.

  • 19:14
    This is the beginning of a new competition – freestyle to music 
  • 19:14

    Freestyle Music Round

    For the first time Wind Games will include freestyle in their competition. The format will be very different from the FAI. It will be 3 rounds: low speed, high speed and musical interpretation (Indoor Sky Dancing)

    Wow! I have only just calmed down enough to be able to write about the music round. It was incredible. The five performers showcased their high speed round again, this time to music. Just as every flyer had their own style, each chose a different style of music to interpret. The difference was more than just adding sound, it added another dimension. It was as though we had previously been watching in silence and in black and white. Adding the music gave us a soundtrack, it changed the picture to colour, and in 3 dimensions too!

    The audience is jam-packed, the atmosphere is buzzing. It was electric. Every performer gave their best presentation, to whoops and cheers of the crowd. Each trick, each change of tempo, every break of the music brought another wave of excitement and volume. If you missed the live performance, rewind the stream to check it out, it has to be seen to be believed the atmosphere. Guillaume flew to his own music, making it even more amazing, a true artiste! Windoor and Lise Hernandez are to be congratulated on moving our sport forward.

    The final results were almost irrelevant. Every musical performance was special beyond belief. I had tears running down my face - and I wasn’t alone. Sometimes you are lucky enough to witness the birth of something incredibly special and this was IT!

    So, the final results of the freestyle - fifth to Lukacs, fourth to Olga, third to Guillaume, second to Maja.. and the winner is, Leo Volkov!! One of the most incredible things was that - owing to a technical hitch - he couldn’t actually hear the music ! But had flown the routine to his dramatic track so much he knew it by heart and was so in tune with every nuance, every beat change, every tempo, it was truly like a cirque du soleil show. Leo gave a lovely speech at the end, and flew his music round again, to the cheering and stomping of the crowd. It brought the house down. Incroyable! Incredible, I am lost for superlatives – watch, listen and be awed.

  • 18:52

    Dynamic 2-way – The Final

    Windoor Warriors Bros

    World Champions against world champions – Windoor Warrior Bros against Windoor Flash… first speed round. The Bros are clean and clear and finish just under a minute, 59 seconds-something. Next up, Windoor Flash - we are so dialled in to every move, the adrenalin is flowing, the whole audience is following every move… they go through page 1, it’s clean, then page 2 .. keep going guys … last page clean and we’re counting down the seconds =, it looks so close .. they leave the tunnel to 1 minute -something. Wow! Les than a second between these teams, it is all going to come down to the final round,

    Before we have time to draw breath, the second round of the final is beginning, Windoor Bros (Gyzmo and Leo Blanchon) are in the tunnel flying their second speed round. You can see by their body pitch and expressions they are flying with every molecule of their bodies… they power through the round as we watch their every move.. they are strong and clean and finish on a great time of 1:02…

    In go their workmates but rivals in the comp, Windoor Flash, who fly their hearts out, going for it like their house is on fire and they are running for the firemen … oh no!! The lights flash red, the whole audience groans. You know with such closely matched teams that a 5-second bust means defeat. They keep going but pick up another bust - and then another…. out of the tunnel they go.

    The judges confirm what we already know – first place to Windoor Warrios Bros (Gyzmo and Leo Blanchon, pictured, walking their rounds) Second to Windoor Flash, Cesar Rico and Raph Coudray. Outstanding performances by everyone, it’s been a thrilling finish to a nail-biting competition!

  • 18:50

    D2W – The Final Battles

    Now we have the last finals of the last competition at the Wind Games 2016. This will be two speed rounds, and the times are cumulative, so both round added together. This is especially hard if you bust, since you must keep focussed, flying through any busts. It also means you have two rounds to remember when you get into the ante-chamber. You must fly one, and refocus for the next round regardless of the success or failure of the first round.

    First we have Almost Vertigo against Dynamos Red, fighting for the bronze medal and the fourth place… it is tight, so tight you can barely call it… Dynamos are clean and strong and flying their hearts out… Almost Vertigo are fantastic flyers but bust the first round once, twice, three times …. this is looking like Dynamos Red have it. In for the second round of speed … Dynamos are clean again, so are Vertigo but the damage is done with the first round. The final result after two incredible speed rounds – Dynamos Red take the bronze medal and Almost Vertigo (Alex Gonzalez and Miguel Marchena) take fourth place. A brilliant finish for Jamie Arnold and Tom Worboys, UK’s Dynamos Red.

  • 17:13

    4-way Finals

    Weembi Lille

    The last round is another slot-switcher and a slow draw, 16, N, 8. No-one’s going to set the board alight here.

    Simetra finish strongly and with lots of smiles. You can feel the almost-release of tension in this final round, a slightly different atmosphere. Tenanine, featuring the only civilian skydiver in Mauritania, finish in style, these guys have raised their game since Dubai’s Clash of Champions, they have a 2-year plan with the same outstanding line-up, keep your eyes out for them at the World Challenge and beyond, they want to go all the way to 23+ average. Parasport are just lovely to watch, these French champions are all amazing flyers, and they are taking no prisoners, flying with throttle full-on and dealing with the consequences with efficiency and smiles. They take body pitch to the limit.

    Satori have a great finish, I take my hat off to Foxy for competing with her injury, I know her teammates were not so sure but there was no way any of them could stop this most-determined of women. Thunder are so in tune with each other it’s a joy to watch them, these guys are such competitors, give so much back to the sport and love flying (and occasionally drinking) with each other, just awesome!

    Weembi Lille (pictured) are on fire. Oh my god! There is such a feeling of fury, they are flying full-on for the silver medal. Roy’s face is a picture, there is no way they are gonna let anything stand in the way of their prize. Go for it guys!

  • 17:05

    VFS Finals

    Avalon Realfly

    Round 6, a technical slot-switcher, gives Vertigo and Element some problems, they lose 2 points and 3 points to busts, respectively, meaning they enter round 7 tied. Element go at the same pace as Vertigo but lose another 2 points to busts, meaning they slip to the bottom of the board 2 points behind with one round to go. Transfert, Avalon and SDC all have strong rounds 6 and 7, their places look decided in bronze, silver and gold.

    SDC are worthy winners, amazingly fast, neat and with every little detail honed. They should be congratulated on an outstanding performance, particularly given they had a new team member just 5 weeks ago as they lost one to an injury. Avalon Realfly (pictured)have had an outstanding meet. They beat SDC on one round, drew on another and have mostly been clean. Their flying has lifted a level since the last meet, they also have a team member change due to injury, and it’s worked out to raise their game.

    Transfert have been the cleanest team, with zero busts, outstanding guys! They put up a super-strong performance, well done!

    It's super to see Wind Games continue to run a VFS competition when - for some unknown reason - no other tunnel comp includes this. It was a shame we lost four teams at the last minute. Where are Poland and where are the UK? We hope to see you here next year!

  • 16:26
    Maja Kuczynska YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!  
  • 16:25

    Freestyle High Speed

    Leo Volkov

    The High speed round is in reverse order of the results of the first (low speed) round.

    First, Lukacs, from Hungary, who has his own style and way of flying, uses every inch of the tunnel and presents a nice varied routine with great style, especially for one so young (I believe he is 14). Next, Olga, the Russian ‘ballerina’, whose spins, expressive flying, and elegance impress the crowd, with much oohing and aahing as she pulls ever increasing

    Canadian Guillaume has a showy entrance, and presents a fast, flashy routine, with some original tricks. A split against the wall brings the house down. He is the only one who actually varies the tunnel speed through his routine, so he can show off all his toys, starting at very high speed, lowering a little, then back up to finish with a bang.

    Maja, the bendy gymnast from Poland, is elegant and stunning to watch, moving seamlessly through balletic type Ts, somersaults, twists, and varying the speed of routine. Her daffy is so extreme it is just like splits on the floor, and she has a beautiful way of stopping her momentum to finish in a spectacular static pose. She finishes with a spectacular dismount reminiscent of the parallel bars.

    Leo Volkov, from Russia, is dramatic and has such presence, you can’t look away, you feel he has put a spell on you. He does some ‘walking’ all over the tunnel, carrying it off with great aplomb. His tricks vary from half-lotus yoga-style poses to rapid head-down spins. Leo (pcitured) also has a spectacular, tumbling, gymnastic finish, flying out the door like an acrobat.

    I loved watching all the performers, as did the crowd. It’s cool to see many of the 4-way competitors joining the locals to watch this dramatic ‘cirque du tunnel’. Bring on the music round!

  • 15:40

    D2W Semi-Final 2

    Windoor Flash

    Now we have Windoor Flash Warriors versus Dynamos Red battling it out for the place in the finals. The Dynamos have done brilliantly to get this far, especially as they decided to split their 4-way dynamic team so that each 2-way team had a seasoned competitor and a rookie. It is a tight race, and so exciting to watch. The viewing area is absolutely packed with spectators who are following the action all the way. The Flash Warriors are up first and are quicker than a Ferrari, to much applause.

    Dyanamos Red, Jamie and Tom, start their speed round and are flying full-on. The crowd follows their every move. Three quarters of the way through their routine the lights go red, showing a bust. The ‘oooh’ from the audience is the loudest yet and shows how engaged they are in this battle. Windoor take the speed round - what will happen with the free? Both routines are nothing short of amazing

    The Dynamos pull off their best routine yet, I’ve seen it several times now and each time I spot something new, as it also becomes more polished and showy. The Flash boys have a great routine but in my opinion it was slightly outclassed by the Dynamos. The judges agree, making one round to each team, and bringing on (drum-roll) the tiebreaker! The teams have minimal time to prepare. As Windoor Flash are digesting the draw, Jamie and Tom do a circus piece in the tunnel , clowning it up for the entertainment of the crowd, and showing how relaxed they are even in this nail-biting competition.

    The secret draw is mixed snake, front loop, mixed circles, not the easiest of draws. Windoor Flash Warriors are incredibly fast with a complicated draw, and finish on a clean time of 1:01. Next the Dynamos, who again bust to the agony of the crowd. They finish on a slower raw time of 1:05, ending in 1:15 with two busts. So, the final is two Windoor teams, the Brothers and Flash.

  • 15:15

    Freestyle Low Speed Round update

    space devils

    The results are through for the first of 3 rounds of freestyle. First is Leo, then Maja, then Guillaume in third. Olga is fourth and Lukacs (pictured) is fifth. The scoresheets show the exact same order for the technical element of the score and for the artistic. Two more rounds to go.

  • 15:11

    D2W – Semi Final 1

    Almost Vertical (Spain)

    The semi finals have two battles for each pair of teams, one free and one speed round. In the caee of any ties the result will be decided by a tie-breaking speed round, with a new draw, given to each team just moments before they enter the tunnel.

    First we have Windoor Warriors Bros (leaders of yesterday) battling against Almost Vertical, another Windoor team. Wow, the Bros are fast, fast, fast! `They shred the speed round and dance on its embers! Following them, Almost Vertical bust on the first page, and then you know it’s all over. They continue but are much slower, so first blood to the Warriors.

    Next, the free round. Wow, Gizmo and Leo (the brothers) are amazing flyers and they bring every type of trick to the gathering! I find I am smiling just watching this display, it’s a joy! Almost Vertical perform their routine flawlessly and should be very proud, but n this occasion they are just outclassed, and the Windoor Brothers go through to the final.

  • 14:57

    2-way Dynamic – Final Positions 5-12

    The Good (r) and the ugly (l)

    First up, we have Aladyn and Onyx fighting it out for 9th and 10th position, with a speed round. However this battle ends I feel the Onyx girls should be congratulated for beating a more-trained, more experienced team in their first competition. The British ladies fly clean but the Hungarian men have more busts than a Roman temple, losing the round and conceding 9th place to the delighted Onyx.

    Now we have Dynamos Black (the good) fighting Fede and Gregor (the bad and the ugly) for 7th nd 8th place. It’s a tight race but Greg’s team is 3 seconds faster and takes seventh position.

    Next, Scratch Attack against Windoor Women. Scratch were slightly faster in their previous speed round than the ladies so are hoping for a win – but of course it’s a different draw. The Wonder Women are fast, neat, tight and clean, finishing on 1:08. The Scratchies have a couple of near-tangles with each other, slowing them down, perhaps some training would have helped after all! They pick up a bust but in any case are a second slower than Win-Women, conceding 5th place but finishing in 6th, a fabulous result for a team with zero time training. Also a great place for Cathy and Domi, in their first competition, and we know this team is going to go ballistic with more training, by the calibre of both competitors, who have proved many times their ability to work hard and get results. Good luck ladies, I will follow you with pride!

  • 14:35

    4-way FS – Semi Final

    Mixed Parasport (fr)

    Going into the round we are all up to date with scores. The judges have made it feel like a competition today, maybe they didn’t like my comments from yesterday but I was only echoing the competitors’ feelings. They are much happier today and it REALLY feels like a competition. there is a larger audience here today and the atmosphere is buzzing.

    The draw is 17, 9, 1 - so another slot-switcher (17), blocks 9 and 17 are fast so this could be a high scorer for a 3-block round. Block 1 is long so a challenge to fit in the tunnel, some of the taller teams will have to fly the cats cheated to fit them in. Lupus Est struggle with this but Thunder, who are bigger (and stronger and more masculine!) have perfected the art of flying the cheated cats. Sven demonstrates a surprising lightness of touch and agility for the 17s, flying over like a (large) butterfly.

    NFTO have a great round. Joey’s team again stand heavily on the net at the start but the judges aren’t seeing it. Parasport are flying through the points, spending minimal time on grips. I am really impressed with Qatar’s flying every time, they look like champions and have textbook blocks. Black Cat always bring a sense of urgency to the table. Weembi Lille are off the blocks with 2 points faster than you can say ‘seventeen’, and Roy’s hops throughout the dive show his agility, they are so fast he’s almost a blur. Hayabusa are last and – it has to be said - Jeroen has a few struggles with the vertical move, perhaps Weembi will take this round off them (though not the gold of course).

    Scores and video of each round are on the Windoor website here

  • 14:32
    We are really happy to see such a high standard of scratch teams here. Initially we thought we would be battling with Airspeed, they are not here so it's great for us we still have teams pushing us 
  • 13:56

    Freestyle – Low Speed

    space devils

    There are 3 rounds for freestyle: low speed, high speed and the musical round.

    Each competitor flies at a different speed, determined by their body shape / position. The low speed round is 5% under their minimum speed for head-down (determined by flying head-down basic position and lowering the power until the performer starts sinking) and the high speed is 5% above this.

    Performing at Low Speed means there are only certain manoeuvres that can be included, head-down tricks will not work, positions must offer more surface area to the wind, and transitions must be done with care to keep flying.

    The audience has really gathered for this showy competition, which promises to be a spectacle of delight. We are not disappointed. Each competitor brings his/her own style to the table, and their choice of moves represents their personality as well as their different flying skills. Lukacs delivers a nice varied routine using the full height and width of the tunnel. Olga is graceful, balletic and dance-inspired Maja is very showy, flexible , gymnastic and beautiful, and gets a massive round of applause. Guillaume’s routine is full of tricks and presents every possible surface to the wind. Leo is dramatic, very technical and delivered with flair. I would not like to be judging this as it’s hard to separate such different approaches.

    There are 3 different judges; Adam Mattacola, who is a very experienced freeflyer so brings the technical knowledge. A dance performer/instructor is on side to bring the artistic flavour, and Lise Hernandez, coordinator of the freestyle and a competitor herself, has a foot in both camps. The aim is to have a slightly different approach to judging Dynamic free rounds, or to FAI freestyle meets, with the ultimate goal of widening our sport by choosing routines that appeal to the general public.

  • 12:48

    Dynamic Quarter Finals Continued

    Dynamic Judges hard at work

    Windoor Flash (2nd) beat the Dynamos (7th) in free and speed, and go through to the semi-finals, another Windoor team!

    Dynamos Red (3rd) battle against Windoor Women (6th). You can see that this is a closer contest than previously. The free routines are both varied, well executed and lovely to wacth - but I feel the Dynamos probably have the edge as there’s is more technical.

    In the speed, the ‘wonder women’ are clean but slightly slower than the boys – who have one bust, losing the round. You can tell how enthralled the crowd is by the collective groan that goes round when the lights flash red, showing a bust.

    In the first tie-breaker of the competition, the Dynamos take the free round, the women win the speed.. so now they must both fly their free round again, and teh winner goes through.

    Just because the Dynamos won the free routine the first time doesn’t mean it’s a walkover now, it’s about how well they perform now the pressure is really on. It’s the fourth time I’ve seen Domi an dCathy’s routine and this is the best, most clean performance yet, nice one ladies. I find I am welling up when they get out of the tunnel, and smile and embrace each other. Two incredible women, great sports and true competitors, they know they have done their best but right now it’s probably not good enough. The Dynamos also do the best job yet of their routine, with a stellar start and pulling off every trick.

    The judges (pictured) award the tie-breaker to the Dynamos, who go though to the semis, battling against Windoor Flash. Congratulations to the Dynamos, who have been competing a long time and really lifted their game this competition. Their motto is “to fly, to dream, in brotherhood with their heads and their hearts” Awesome.

  • 12:13

    Dynamic Quarter Finals

    Windoor Warriors

    From yesterday, the field of 10 has been narrowed down to 8 for the tournament battles, so Onyx (9th) and Aladyn (10th) are temporarily removed from play, though they will battle later with the tournament losers, to decide final places.

    For the quarter finals, the team in first place will fly head-to-head with the 8th place team, then 2nd with 7th and so on. The winners go through to the semi final and so on. Each heat includes two rounds, one free and one speed. If it is a tie then they both perform their free round again to decide who goes through. It will be the same story in the semis and finals, except that for these cases, the tie-breaker will be a new speed round, that they receive and fly almost instantaneously.

    So, the top of the table Windoor Warriors Bros battle with Scratch Attack, who ended up in eighth place, not bad for zero training in speed! The Bros win both rounds to much applause. The tunnel area is full of spectators, who are loving the show, as I am too. The free rounds are so fun to watch, and the speed rounds are heart-in-mouth stuff as you can see how ‘full-on’ everyone is flying, making it easy to bust and blow the advantage.

    Almost Vertical battle against Gregor and Fede, and win both speed and free rounds. Two local Windoor teams through to the semis, this is popular with the crowd, and well-earned, it’s the right result.

  • 12:11
    SDC Core are in a class of their own 
  • 11:56

    VFS Update

    SDC Core (USA)

    VFS have now completed rounds 5 and 6 and the pattern continues. Element and Vertigo are pretty even; Vertigo are neater but Element are faster – which of course can lead to its own problems, as it just did with round 6, a slot switcher. Transfert are ‘piggy in the middle’ of the board. Avalon have really lifted their game, partly by flying with 2 ex members of Need for Speed (Frederic, who jined Avalon and Raph, who is borrowed due to an injury). SDC Core are well out in front and are just jaw-dropping to watch.

    Scores and video of each round are on the Windoor website here

  • 11:47

    Scores on the 4-way doors

    Weembi Lille

    A quick update on scores, now Round 6 is done (nice one judges), Hayabusa with 32, Weembi Lille (pictured) scored a 29 to Thunder/Black Cat’s 26 and Satori’s 25, ahead of Tigers (who had the glitchy 11), and scratch teams Parasport and Simetra. This second half of the draw today favours the trained teams as more technical, more slot switchers. The order on the scoreboard has shaken up and we could see more to come. Weembi Lille are equal second with Black Cat, 5 points ahead of Thunder.

    Scores and video of each round are on the Windoor website here

  • 11:34

    4-way Round 8

    Thunder entry

    This is a very technical round, 20, 3, 13 – the 3 switches point and outside center (unless you’re Russian), the 13 and 20 aren’t the easiest of B slots. Potentially we could see a big difference between the top teams and the other end of the scoreboard. The draw confirms Murphy’s Law is in operation, since Foxy of Satori, who’s competing with a barely healed broken wrist, said the most painful block for her injury is a B slot 13 !

    Amnenerjoey from Italy, featuring guest star the one and only Joey Jones, start this round with a similar spiderman cluster around the door to the other teams - but with two of them clearly standing on the net. As this is when the clock is supposed to start I will be interested to see how the judges score this, they could lose points there. This team is two of a regular 4-way team coached by Joey, who wanted to enter this competition so brought in their coach and a 100-jump wonder with 60 hours of tunnel (the next potential broken femur!). Their scores reflect this composition, with a roller coaster of scores, some brilliant, some disastrous, such as their first round where they never had the very first point (7) of the competition.

    Tenanine, possibly the world’s first 4-way team from Mauritania, put up a solid performance, good to see them slowing themselves down for this technical round. Their line-up includes player coaches Martial Ferré and Marco Arrigo, and they have been steadily progressing, looking tidier and faster since the Clash.

    The big, powerful men of Thunder barely have enough room to spin their 540s and I’m thinking they could do with knee-pads (if they weren’t so tough). They do a great job, turning with no fear and ripping up this dive. It’s amazing how much more space the compact Qatari guys have for their turns.

    Hayabusa blast through the points in great style with a teensy brainlock at the end, hopefully out of time. It’s cool to see them all laughing at this point, not taking themselves too seriously.

  • 10:50

    4way Round 7

    Black Cat (Russia)

    Round 7 is L, M, 18, 6, quite a technical dive. Bripac start round 7 with a little unintentional back-flying, which adds some entertainment. Jazz Republic do a great job, this is a team including Dirk Venter and Claire King of the InTime scoring system, I love it that they are relaxed enough with their system to come and set it up, then go and compete, leaving it to run itself.Way to go guys!

    Parasport Italia look lie a trained team (perhaps it’s the matching suits)

    Satori XL have a glitchy landing of an 18, perhaps a bust, leading to a moment of confusion and I’m entertained to see Pete Allum correcting Milko’s hand into the M (star). The second half of the round is not as fluid as the first, as they try to regain their rhythm. Qatar are such tidy flyers with near-perfect body positions, and crank through this round. Black Cat (pictured) are anything but tidy, their style is full-on go-for-it and to hell with the consequences - just my style! They take the rap this time though, completely screwing up the close of an 18, and melting down afterwards, fortunately at the back end of working time.

    Scores and video of each round are on the Windoor website here

  • 10:11

    4-way Round 6

    Simetra (fr)

    The draw is C, 4, J, 11, so pretty straight up, though doubtless the Russians can engineer themselves a slot-switcher! ;-)

    In female 4-way NFTO seem to have picked up the tempo since yesterday, perhaps feeling they don’t like being second. They begin the day at 93 points, 2 points ahead of Jujariwa, and 9 points behind WomIn France – a big gap but not one that can’t be closed. That said, the rounds today are block-heavy, offering less chance of a significant point difference. Sure enough, when the scores are in for round 6, UK score a 20, equalling France and ahead of Germany. Thanks judges for starting the scoring faster than yesterday, please keep it up! Judges are Thierry Pekka, Zeijko and Luc Verstrepen.

    Simetra (pictured) have also ramped up the pace, probably feeling they have nothing to lose after their meltdown yesterday. Thunder live up to their name with a storming round, Qatar start well, with their usual tidy flying but have a glitch on the 11 when one piece stalls out at the beginning of the block and just doesn’t get going. They pull back on track but aren’t as ‘on it’ in the second half. Black Cat have their volume switches on 10 and power through the dive. I was fascinated to talk to the Russians yesterday and find they don’t have much training, how on earth do they fly so damn fast then? They have been a mighty force to be reckoned with for a very long time.

    Weembi Lille are full-on going for it, with more speed than finesse but making it happen. Katie does a fab job on point, flying the opposite way to her normal continuity, and coping really well with some height differences on the close of the 4. Hayabusa look fast and full of style, with a much tidier jump (flight) than Weembi.

    Scores and video of each round are on the Windoor website here

  • 09:28

    VFS Update

    Vertigo VFS (Swiss)

    In VFS Transfert, current World Champions, won the fourth round and closed the gap on Avalon Realfly by 5 points, and are now 5 points behind at the halfway point, 101 points to 106. SDC Core are sitting pretty in front with 113. But, especially in VFS, it can all change in a heartbeat.

    The comp begins today at 10:30 with Rounds 6 and 7 of 4-way, followed by VFS round 5 at 11:30 local time (see complete schedule on the left)

    Scores and video of each round are on the Windoor website here

  • 09:00

    FS 4-way

    Thunder (Bel)

    Full scores and video of each round on the Windoor website here

  • ▼   Friday, 22 January '16   ▼

  • 19:47

    4-way Update

    4-way Open scores

    The scores on the doors at the end of round 4 are shown here for the Open, which reveal that the silver and bronze medal are up for any of the following teams; Black Cat, Parasport, Thunder, Tigers, Weembi Lille, and perhaps Satori and Simetra.

    In female, the French are ahead with 85 to UK's 79 and Germany's 75.

    Round 5 has yet to be judged.

    Here you can see the scores and videos of the rounds

  • 19:39

    D2W – End of Day 1

    end of the day scores day 1

    The scoreboard shows the positions at the end of the first day, these will be used to decide the order of the battles tomorrow, which operate on a knockout basis, the winner of each round going though to the next. Tomorrow the scores are reset to zero  but the advantage of a good place today is to battle with a 'weaker' team tomorrow and more chance of making it forward to the nest round.

    According to the judging Windoor Warriors Bros had the strongest free round, followed by Dynamos Red/Windoor Flash/Almost Vertical, depending on execution. (Rounds 1 and 5 are the free rounds). An amazing result for the Dynamos, who have been on the dynamic scene for a few years but not to my knowledge scoring second in the free rounds before, testament to the work put in, their flying skills and _ not least – their imagination

  • 19:26

    Windoor Dynamic Teams

    The Windoor teams are very strong. Windoor Flash, with Cesar and Raph, were very fast in the speed rounds. Their free routines show the hours they must have flown together with amazing synchronicity, powerful moves and a high degree of difficulty. Windoor Warrior Brothers, with Gyzmo and Leo, also looked very fast, super technical flyers. They had a super impressive, very difficult free routine, that was a big crowdpleaser, with some flashy linked moves, impressive tricks, lots of movement. It was a simply lovely routine– fast, powerful, technical, and super fresh! These two Windoor teams are the top 2 of the board on the speed rounds.

    Another Windoor team, Almost Vertical had a fantastic routine, very synchronised, lots of changes of direction, of tempo, using every inch of the tunnel and showing off their flying skills beautifully.

    Windoor Women have an imaginative routine with great variety, very fun to watch, with a different entry and exit. They showed their class by similar choreography for the start and finish, little details like this tie the routine together and make it very professional.

  • 19:24
    I am really impressed by the Dynamos  
  • 19:23

    Windoor Dynamic Teams

    The Windoor teams are very strong. Windoor Flash, with Cesar and Raph, were very fast in the speed rounds. Their free routines show the hours they must have flown together with amazing synchronicity, powerful moves and a high degree of difficulty. Windoor Warrior Brothers, with Gyzmo and Leo, also looked very fast, super technical flyers. They had a super impressive, very difficult free routine, that was a big crowdpleaser, with some flashy linked moves, impressive tricks, lots of movement. It was a simply lovely routine– fast, powerful, technical, and super fresh! These two Windoor teams are the top 2 of the board on the speed rounds.

    Another Windoor team, Almost Vertical had a fantastic routine, very synchronised, lots of changes of direction, of tempo, using every inch of the tunnel and showing off their flying skills beautifully.

    Windoor Women have an imaginative routine with great variety, very fun to watch, with a different entry and exit. They showed their class by similar choreography for the start and finish, little details like this tie the routine together and make it very professional.

  • 19:15
    Scratch Attack are amazing, they were the surprise of the day 
  • 19:15

    More on D2W

    Aladyn (Hungary)

    Onyx, a brand new team from the UK, have only a couple of hours training together before this competition. Last year Emma Scrivener was here watching the Wind Games and decided she wanted to compete this year – and here she is! They delivered a good free routine, using the skills they have to fly nicely together, it was synchronised, showed their best flying, and how well they corodinated with each other, lots of eye contact and even some smiles! For their first competition it was really impressive. The crowd also appreciated it and gave them lots of cheers, a lesson to anyone who’d love to compete but doesn’t feel he/she is good enough. Come on down, you won’t regret it, and there is room in the field for all levels.

    Aladyn from Hungary have improved noticeably from Prague to Dubai to the Wind Games, adding more technical tricks to their free routines, reducing the number of busts in the speed rounds (mostly), and looking more polished and confident. They had a near-distastrous round 4 with busts and memory issues but should be congratulated for keeping it together and flying through the issues. Their free stuff showed a powerful start, nice flying together and they pulled off ‘a bit of a cuddle’ (Anna) without looking camp (unlike the photo)!

  • 19:14

    D2W – Attack of the Scratchies

    Scratch Attack

    Scratch Attack had shaped a free routine that very different in style, they had a mock ‘Star Wars’ style fight, bringing a originality, fun and freshness to the party. The audience really liked the routine, with massive cheers throughout. They were amazingly good in the speed rounds too,they flew fast but had a few busts, due to lack of time together. If these guys did some training they would be devastating!

  • 19:13

    D2W – Free Rounds

    Dynamos Black

    The Dynamos D4W team are flying here as 2 separate D2W teams (normally they enter both events if they are available), and showcased more technical routines than we’ve seen from them in the past. Dynamos Red, with Jamie Arnold and Tom Warboys raised their game since last year, adding some cool innovations to their free routine, getting spontaneous applause for a few imaginative tricks, and flying very synchronously. Dynamos Black (pictured) were solid flyers, very together, almost mirroring each other and with a styling performance that had us all enthralled.

    The imaginatively named local team Gregor and Fede put a polished routine together with very strong flying skills and showed great timing – strong flying and very in tune with each other.

  • 17:34

    Wonder Women!

    Windoor Women

    Windoor Women, the brand new team with Cathy Bouette and Domi Kiger, have only been flying together for 10 hours. The team started when Cathy emailed Domi suggesting they join forces. Cathy was Domi's idol when she was a baby skydiver, then they became rivals both aiming for freestyle World Champion - which they both achieved at different times. For these two women to join forces is incredible. What started as a bright idea for a scratch fun team then rapidly became sponsorship by Windoor, and a documentary made by Red Bull. They are staying together for all of this year, and will be entering Charlewars and the FAI indoor World Cup, wherever that will be.

    Their brand-new, super-slick, shiny white Windoor suits arrived just before the competition, and they fly very differently to the baggier, heavy material suits the girls were previously wearing. They only have an hour in the new suits but are giving it a go. They are both amazing flyers and phenomenal women who only wonder why they didn’t get together before. I can’t wait to see what they will do this year, some people just have a presence when they fly – or even when they walk – and these ladies are fine examples.

  • 17:21

    4-way Open update

    Hayabusa (Belgium)

    Incredible! Round 3 is O, 10, E, G, a fast round and a block whereTail has the big move. Scratch team Weembi Lille pull themselves back up the scoreboard with a 30, the second best score of the round, equalled by Thunder. Hayabusa (pictured) score a 33, winning the round and staying at the top of the board, establishing a clear lead with 90 to Black Cat’s 80.

    There is a close fight going on with Weembi Lille on 79, Parasport (Fr) and Qatar on 78, Simetra (Fr) on 77, Thunder on 76, Satori XL (UK) on 75. The British team could be called Satori XS right now, as they have a team member with an injury, Julia Swallow broke her wrist and only just has the cast off, she is about 80 per cent of her normal performance, and is a lesson to anyone concerned about competing when they are under par. It’s better to throw your slightly shabby hat in the ring than stay at home moaning about how things could have been!

    Full scores and video of each round on the Windoor website here

  • 17:02

    4-way Female Update

    Wom'In France

    Scores are in for 3 rounds out of 5. In female WomIn France (pictured) have established an early lead with 64 points to the Uk and German ladies, who are tied on 59. The British ladies team NFTO have changed a team member and swapped Tail and Inside Centre (Maria and Ane), so they are performing at a slower pace than last year, but with the long term goal of the World Meet in Chicago in mind. Their next meet is the World Challenge and they have a heavy training schedule lined up.

    Female 4-way scores

  • 16:39

    Round 3 Dynamic

    Windoor Women had a rejump (reflight) because of the power flutter during their round, the cameras stopped working so they could not be properly scored. It’s a shame because they appeared clean the first time (as far as we could tell without video), and bust in the second attempt. Flash Warriors Windoor and Windoor Warriors Brothers both had really fast rounds, with the Brothers coming out on top. Both Windoor teams are looking very good at the top of the leaderboard.

  • 16:24
    We are really happy to see such a high standard of scratch teams here. Initially we thought we would be battling with Airspeed, they are not here so it's great for us we still have teams pushing us 
  • 16:21

    2-way Dynamic Update

    Windoor Warriors Brothers

    The first round of Dynamic was a free round and we saw ten very different routines from the teams. There were a lot of first round nerves, inevitable in competition, but they seem to show more in dynamic than in belly. We’ve seen some fluffed moves, entrances, and catches. I’ve been watching the teams practice over the last few days and they were definitely better than today. The free round is still being scored.

    The speed round 2 scores are here on the Windoor website, where you can also see the busts. The standard us very high, and all the teams are flying very similar times, within 5 seconds of each other. What is making the difference is the number of busts, this determines who wins the round. Round 3 was a very technical draw (head-up switching snake, half barrel 180, head-up outface circles) and almost all the teams bust, other than Windoor Women.

  • 16:08

    Losing Power

    We have a slight electrical problem here. During Windoor Women's speed round 3, there was a flicker of a power problem and the tunnel momentarily lost some oomph at the same time as the lights went out. It recovered and they finished their round but then the lights went down again and we're now in recovery mode, taking a short break. Ooops! I guess it's only like a weather hold!

  • 16:05

    VFS Update

    SDC Core (USA)

    After round 2, SDC Core pull ahead scoring 31 to Avalon's 27 and Transfert's 24. SDC (pictured) are now winning with 55 to 51 to 46. Element have dug themselves from the bottom of the barrel with a nice 18 to Vertigo's 15, and are now in fourth place. Two rounds are still to be scored.

    *VFS scoreboard

  • 15:46

    Freestyle Practice

    Guillaume Boileau

    The freestyle practice rounds were fascinating to watch. Tomorrow is showtime for the competition itself, today’s scores do not count but give a flavour of what we can expect tomorrow. Maja Kuszynska has a beautiful gymnastic routine, with pointed toes, huge split moves, very bendy, she is super supple and graceful. Her style is reminiscent of Inka Tiitto, who has done some work coaching her. Lukacs Laki reminds me of Spiderman, he runs all over the walls of the tunnel, and everywhere inbetween.

    Leo Volkov is a real performer, and has a very dramatic style, a combination of a pterodactyl and dracula. He throws some super-difficult tumbling twisting moves moves inbetween the drama, altogether his routine is fantastically varied and mesmerising to watch. Olga Bakulina is an artiste. She is elegant, flowing, and uses every part of her body to express herself, I love the way her hands are so passionate, and the artistic starts and finishes. She is like a ballerina. Guillaume Boileau (pictured) flies like a little kid - by that I mean, he shows off all his tricks, and they are many and varied, some of them I haven’t seen before. Guillaume is a tunnel rat and shows his mastery of every inch of the tunnel, using a lot more varied height than the others. He’s even cool enough and having sufficient fun in there to smile at the judges.

    I can’t wait to see the ‘proper’ competition rounds tomorrow, which will include a low speed round, a high speed and - the one we’re all waiting for - the music round. Let the games begin!!

  • 15:26

    Hero to Zero

    From zero to hero to zero! Weembi Lille, who won round 1 in style, had a disastrous round 2 (12, A, 22). Hayabusa won this round with a 25 and now sit at the top of the board. Next, Black Cat with 23, then Satori, Mixed Parasport, Qatar Tigers and Simetra with 21, then Thunder with 20, Tenanine and Jazz with 17.. followed by Wembi Lille with 16. Wow. From first to fifth in a heartbeat.

    You can check the latest scores on the Windoor website here,

  • 15:00

    2-way Dynamic Draw

    Here is the draw for the D2W. The first day, rounds 1-5, is for seeding purposes, to sort out the order for the head-to-head battles tomorrow. So the scores do not count for the competition results, they only decide the order of flying, with the aim that the best teams will meet in the finals (like a tennis match).


    End of Day 1



  • 14:14
    We can’t treat it as a competition because we are not having to deal with the emotions that the scores bring out in us 
  • 14:07

    VFS Round 1

    VFS Scores show a tie between SDC Core and Avalon Really Sion with 24, to Transfert's 22. Transfert, world champions, said they had a poor start but good second round (yet to be scored). Next are Vertigo with 17 and last (but best really), are Belgium's Element with 16.

    You can check the latest scores on the Windoor website here,

  • 14:01

    Scores (not) on the Doors

    Black Cat

    Qatar has been scored for round 1, they put a 29 on the board, putting them in equal third with Black Cat (pictured) and Mixed Parasport. This could be very exciting - if we ever get the scores!! The competitors are saying it doesn’t feel like a competition because they don’t know where they are on the scoreboard. I just spoke to Hayabusa, they had no idea Weembi Lille beat them on round 1 until they had completed round 5. The meet is half done and no-one knows who’s in the top ten.

    You can check the latest scores on the Windoor website here, where, as a consolation prize for the lassitude of the scores, there are videos of most teams’ round 1

  • 14:00
    I'm so happy to be back here competing 
  • 12:35

    Scoring Shocker!

    Round 1 of 4-way has finally been scored, with the exception of Qatar, who are re-flying due to a timing issue. Weembi Liile have stunned us by beating current World Champions Hayabusa on round 1, 33 to 32. Of course it’s only one round but that must feel fantastic, especially for Katie and Manu.

    Weembi Lille 33
    Hayabusa, 32
    Black Cat, Mixed Parasport, 29
    Simetra, 28
    Satori XL, Thunder, 26
    Tenanine, 24
    Jazz replublic, Lupus Est, 22
    Barak, 20
    Amnerjoey, 19
    Bripac, 15

    SDC Core also have a re-flight due to timing issue (incorrect working time).

  • 12:05


    The scores are lagging a long way behind the pace of the rounds. So far we only have part of round 1, in 4-way FS scored.

    In women's 4-way, WimIn France lead with 24 points to NFTO's 23 snd Jujuwara's 22

  • 11:34

    Red Bull in the House

    Qatar Tigers

    Red Bull are supporting the Wind Games, which is very unusual as they normally only get involved with athletes not events, they tick to their own events. They have become interested in wind tunnels and spent progressively more time at Windoor. We're not sure if the free Red Bull will help or hinder the flyers - will it keep them alert, give them wings, or send them totally over the line!

  • 10:27
    If we can get second I'll be happy 
  • 09:51

    4-way Round 1 – Battle of the Scratches

    The draw is 7, H, 15, so quite fast.

    There are lots of French teams here. The first team Simetra raises the level from previous teams when they get in the tunnel, you can see they are world class flyers, this is a scratch team of national and world champions and their class shows. Mixed Parasport are another French team of champions, and also show their

    Satori XL’s first Wind Games, Julia broke her wrist at Christmas and just had the cast off a week ago, she is a trooper! Nothing was going to stop her from competing, least of all pain, or young baby Chloe, who is fitting in between training sessions.

    The scratch team Weembi Lille, whom we saw first at Clash of Champions, returns with a new line-up. Roy Janssen and Julien Degen remain with new teamies Manu Sarrazin and Katie Woods. They have just 3 hours of tunnel time, and Katie is doing mirrored continuity as the French and Belgians fly a right hand continuity (like out of a Porter) unlike most of the rest of the world, who fly left hand, as most aircraft we jump have doors on the left. Weembi look awesome! They don’t look like a team with just 3 hours training together. No matter how awesome the individual flyers are, then practice as a team is very important to gain a high average over all the rounds.

    With all the very high level competitors here on scratch teams, alongside the trained teams, it will be very interesting to see how they fare

  • 09:22

    The VFS Draw

    The VFS draw is as follows:

    Round 1: 14, D, 5
    Round 2: 16, 6, E
    Round 3: J, C, 4, 3
    Round 4: 1,9, A
    Round 5: F, 11, N, L
    Round 6: 13, 12, M
    Round 7: 2, G, 15
    Round 8: 7, I, B, H
    Jumpoff: K, 8, 10

  • 09:17

    The 4way Draw

    Windoor logo


    ROUND 1 7,H,15
    ROUND 2 12,A,22
    ROUND 3 O,10,E,G
    ROUND 4 P,2,D,19
    ROUND 5 5,21,14
    ROUND 6 C,4,J,11
    ROUND 7 L,M,18,6
    ROUND 8 20,3,13
    ROUND 9 17,9,1
    ROUND 10 16,N,8
    JUMP OFF Q,B,K,F,18

  • ▼   Thursday, 21 January '16   ▼

  • 17:59

    Scratch Attack!!

    A last minute entry in the 2-way Dynamic has boosted the numbers from 9 to 10, making the logistics of the head-to-head battles much easier. Freestyle competitors Leonid Volkov and Guillaume Boileau (who are rivals) have teamed up to make 'Scratch Attack'. They will compete with no training but a lot of enthusiasm!

  • 17:49
    Guillaume Boileau

    Catching up with Guillaume Boileau

    Meet Guillaume – he's a musician who just loves to fly. Now he's found his perfect competition, tunnel freestyling to his own music...

    >> Read More
  • 17:36

    Contest – win 30 minutes tunnel time!

    Windoor logo

    Windoor is running a competition for viewers at home. Predict the winners of all five events and you could win 30 minutes of tunnel time! Go to the Wind Games event page on Facebook to enter

  • 15:47

    Commentary Team

    The team of commentators includes the inimitable Regan Tetlow for the overview and vibe, Paloma Granerita for good vibes and Spanish updates, Anna Moxnes (Voss Vind and the Joyriders) for Dynamic and freestyle, Rai Ahmed (Kaizen) for FS 4-way and VFS, plus guest interviewers Lesley Gale and Lise Hernandez

  • 14:43
    For the first time Wind Games will include freestyle in their competition. The format will be very different from the FAI. It will be 3 rounds: low speed, high speed and musical interpretation (Indoor Sky Dancing)

    Catching up with Freestyle at Wind Games 2016

    With only 2 years of existence Wind Games is a well respected event in our skydiving community. Windoor like to innovate and now for their 3rd edition of this competition they will include for the first time Freestyle with a very different format than the FAI competitions...

    >> Read More
  • 14:41

    Dynamic 2-way

    Josh and Adam show their balls

    The dynamic 2-way event judges are Adam Mattacola, Josh O’Donaghue (pictured), Fabian Ramseyer and Kristian Moxnes, all amazing flyers in their own right. The rules are the same as last year’s Wind Games but with the addition of a center line. The judging has become more technologically advanced, with a laser marking the start and stop of the speed rounds, and judges using TV monitors to watch for infringements of the lines (rather than sitting a judge in a chair atop a table!). This will be the last competition run under these rules, as they are changing them again post-comp, bringing the various approaches together. It’s good to see the return of the head-to-head battles (not present in Clash of Champions), which keeps the competition exciting all the way.

  • 14:12


    golden knights 4 and Solly, their coach


    The initial field of nine VFS teams has unfortunately dwindled to five, after two teams pulled out because of injury, and two teams from Skydive Dubai withdrew at the last minute, with the whole Dubai delegation, due to a last-minute change of plan.

    FS 4way

    Skydive Dubai's decision also affected the FS line-up, losing two teams in the open and one in the female category.

    The 4-way FS line-up originally included Airspeed but they withdrew a few days ago, owing to losing a team member (Chris Farina), now replaced by Mikhail Markine from SDC Rhythm. Airspeed wanted to put Niklas back in the center and felt that Mikhail, being young and eager to learn is a way better choice to be able to learn the Point slot, put in the work and perform when needed.

    Female 4-way
    GKF4, (Golden Knights female, pictured below), the women’s 4-way world champions also originally entered the comp but were literally robbed in the most dreadful of arrivals into Spain. Travelling from Barcelona Airport to Empuria they stopped for a coffee at a service station and came out to find their car had been stripped of everything, including jumpsuits, helmets, passports, clothes and computers – one of which had the only copy of a thesis containing 2 years of work. Sadly GK4 went home, we wish them well.

  • ▲   Thursday, 21 January '16   ▲

  • This year sees the third edition of the Wind Games at Windoor, Empuriabrava, Spain. They have made a name for themselves in wind tunnel competitions by innovation, always bringing something new to the table.

    Useful Links

    Scores will be on the In Time website
    Playback features of complete rounds will be available on the Windoor website
    Photos and snippets will be on the Wind Games 2016 event Facebook page


    Here is the schedule of events, all times are local to Spain

    Thursday, 21 January

    Official training and practice all day
    19:30 Freestyle: Official Speed setting
    21:00 Welcome meeting
    22:00 Specific meetings for D2W and Freestyle

    Friday, 22 January

    08:45 4-way, VFS: Briefing and draw
    10:15 4-way: Round 1
    10:45 VFS: Round 1
    11:00 4-way: Round 2
    11:30 VFS: Round 2
    11:45 4-way: Round 3
    12:15 VFS: Round 3
    12:30 4-way: Round 4
    13:00 VFS: Round 4
    13:15 4-way Round 5
    14:00 D2W: Briefing and draw
    15:15 D2W: Round 1 - free routine
    16:00 D2W: Round 2 - Compulsory
    16:30 Freestyle Practice Session
    17:06 D2W:Round 3 - Compulsory
    17:36 D2W: Round 4-Compulsory
    18:07 Freestyle Practice Session
    18:37 D2W: Round 5 - free routine

    Saturday, 23 January

    10:00 4-way: Round 6
    10:38 4-way: Round 7
    11:08 VFS: Round 5
    11:21 4-way Round 8
    11:53 VFS: Round 6
    12:08 D2W: quarter finals - battles (free + speed)
    13:13 Freestyle: Round 1 - Low speed


    13:43 VFS: Round 7 - Semi Finals
    13:56 4-way: Round 9 - Semi Final
    14:26 D2W: 5-9th position - Speed
    14:46 D2W Semi Final battle (Speed + free)
    15:20 Freestyle: Round 2 - High speed


    16:55 VFS: Round 8 - Finals
    17:12 4-way Round 10 - Finals
    17:45 Freestyle Round 3 - Musical Round
    18:15 D2W: 3rd & 4th place - battles 2 compulsory
    18:29 D2W: Finals - battles 2 compulsory
    20:00 Prize Giving
    21:00 Party!!


    FS 4-way

    As usual there is a healthy turnout in 4-way, with 13 teams in the Open field and 3 in women’s.

    BRIPAC (Spain) – 401

    Javier Canalejo Flores, Juan Miguel Morales Paton, Aitor Candil Vega, Lidia Jimenez Weber, Juna Miguel Duart Grau

    AMNENERJOEY (Italy) – 402

    Joey Jones, Stefano Rossi, Federico Angelotti , Giuseppe Cossu

    Barak (Spain) – 403

    Maria March Juan, Pedro Fernaud Esper, Goyo Garcia Prades, Fco Javier Figuera Rojas, Fco Javier Romero Paz

    Jazz Republic (South Africa) – 404

    Claire King, Dirk Venter, Simba Marcellin, Colin Rothman

    Lupus EST (Estonia) – 405

    Kristiina Kasemets, Marko Rink, Anton Sigal, Kaido Raudvere

    SIMETRA (France) – 406

    Aurélien Lemaire, Pamela Lissajoux, Perrine Sanchez, Eliott Lesimple

    Tenanine (Mauritania) – 407

    Marco Arrigo, Martial Ferre, Mathieu Cannesson, Moulay Abbas

    Mixed Parasport (France) – 408

    Sophia Pécout, Christine Malnis, Thomas Perrin-Gachadoat, Julien Olek

    Satori XL (UK) – 409

    Pete Allum, Julia Swallow, Milko Hodgkinson, John McIver

    Thunder ISR (Belgium) – 410

    Paul Hofstee, Sven Ibens, Wesley Claessens, Jacco van Eerden

    Qatar Tigers (Qatar) – 411

    Yousuf Abdulla Al Janahi, Hamad Rashid Al Marri, Fahad Soud Al Shamary, Abdulaziz Shafi Al Shammari

    Black Cat (Russia) – 412

    Evgeny Stashchenko, Vasily Korotkov, Valentin Ilin, Alexander Kvochur, Vadim Niyazov

    Weembi Lille (France) – 413

    Roy Janssen, Julien Degen, Katie Woods, Manu Sarrazin

    Hayabusa (Belgium) – 414

    David Grauwels, Andy Grauwels, Dennis Praet, Jeroen Nollet

    FS Female

    Jujariwa (Germany) –301

    Janina Jungen, Friederike Ripphausen, Evangelina Warich, Petra Jastram

    WOM'IN FRANCE (France) – 302

    Anais Maillet, Isabelle Nore, Sylvie Normand, Emmanuelle Nicols

    NFTO (UK) – 303

    Anna Hicks, Vana Parker, Maria Russell, Ane Brentford


    The 2-way Dynamic event is again being run by Adam Mattacola, and includes 9 teams, as follows:

    Onyx (UK) – 701

    Laura Kenyon, Emma Scrivener

    Aladyn (Hungary) – 702

    Zsolt Kroner , Gabor Verebes

    Dynamos Black (UK) – 703

    Daniel Guest (Dan), David Ferrera Nogales (Ciru),

    Almost Vertical (Spain) – 704

    Alex Herrera Gonzalez, Miguel Angel Marchena

    Dynamos Red (UK) – 705

    Thomas Worboys (Tom)James Arnold (Jamie)

    Gregor and Fede (Int) – 706

    Gregor Van Den Eynden, Fede Rawa

    Windoor Women (France) – 707

    Domitille Kiger, Cathy Bouette

    Windoor Flash (Spain) – 708

    Cesar Rico, Raph Coudray

    Windoor Warrior Bros (France) – 709

    Gyzmo, Leo Blanchon

    Scratch Attack – 710

    Guillaume Boileau, Leo Volkov


    The Wind Games features the first freestyle competition set to music. It has completely different rules to FAI freestyle, and includes a low speed round. There are five teams from 4 different nations as follows:

    Spacedevils-Lukács Laki (Hungary) – 201

    Lukács Laki

    Olga Bakulina (Russia) – 202

    Olga Bakulina

    Guillaume Boileau (Canada) – 203

    Guillaume Boileau

    Maja Kuczyńska (Poland) – 204

    Maja Kuczynska

    Leofreestyle (Russia) – 205

    Leo Volkov


    This year again features a VFS competition, Windoor being the only tunnel to host this event. Here are the competing teams:

    Vertigo VFS (Switzerland) – 501

    Corina Widmer, Manuela Beyli, Roger Leuthold, Marco Schriber

    Element VFS (Belgium) – 502

    Mark Blockhuys, Gregor Van den Eynden, Gilles Ooms, Nico Tombari

    SDC Core (USA) – 503

    Stephanie Strange, Jason Russell, Dusty Hanks, Tim McMaster, Cortney Bedeker

    Avalon Realfly Sion (International) – 504

    Raphaël Coudray, Frédéric Nenet, Andri Steinmann, Reto Welti

    TRANSFERT (France) – 505

    Edouard Henri, Mickael Melo, Gregory Magal, Emmanuelle Droneau