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Andy Guest

Honiton, United Kingdom

Bio:Andy complemented his first parachute jump on a C9 parachute,B4 harness in 1976. He is currently a full time AFF/Tandem instructor who has logged 6100 jumps. BPA Instructor Examiner, Advance, AFF, Tandem and previously held a jump pilot rating, Participated in 5 World, 2 European and 19 British skydiving records, British CF National Champion, Gold 1st CRW speed 8 World cup, Hong Kong accuracy Champion, Past member of the Royal Marines Free Fall Parachute Display Team, Previously Chief Instructor for 20 years, both Military and civilian, Skydiving stunts/co-ordinator – TV, Commercial adverts, Documentaries, Feature film.
BASE #14, Night BASE #28, British BASE #1
Into:canopy formation, formation skydiving, base
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