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Bo Babovic

Jefferson, Wisconsin, United States

Bio:Bo made his first skydive at the age of 17 and hasn't stopped since. He competed in formation skydiving at an international level. He served as an officer in Special Forces. Bo spent the first fifteen years of his skydiving career in Europe and moved to the US in 1990. He worked as a skydiving instructor and rigger in Florida and in Hawaii before buying into an existing skydiving business in the Chicago area in the mid '90s and later selling it and opening Wisconsin Skydiving Center with his wife Alex in 1998. Bo has over 14,000 jumps, he is a Skydiving Instructor/Examiner, as well as a Safety and Training advisor for the USPA. He is a Commercial Pilot, a Master Rigger, and Certified Aircraft Mechanic with Inspection Authorization.
  • Tunnel Time1h
  • Skydives14k