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Christy Frikken

Perris, United States

Bio:Christy Frikken competes in 4-way formation skydiving with SDC Rhythm XP as the inside center. Before Rhythm, she was on many teams, most notably Perris Fury, Perris Wicked, and Perris Moxie. Christy Frikken’s first 4-way team only had 3 members and was called Tenacity; since then, she has lived up to the name and been on dozens of complete teams. When she is not going fast herself, she is coaching others to go faster in the tunnel and sky. She spends her time competing, coaching, and writing the occasional bio. Contact her at christy@rhythmskydiving.com.
Into:tunnel, formation skydiving
  • Tunnel Time300h
  • Skydives11k